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mining transportation department receives commendation order from beijing railway administration

release time:2022-06-24 09:29:41

lately, mining transportation department received a commendation order from the beijing railway administration. during the period of sealing and control management, all the cadres and workers of transportation department responded to orders, started the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control, continuously optimized the production organization mode and formulated control measures, achieving the good results of 17 trains to service and dispatch.

the mining transportation department gave full play to its advantages in railway transportation, and all cadres and workers earnestly implemented the “transportation service” mechanism, carried forward the “locomotive” spirit and constantly improved their service awareness, ensuring that epidemic prevention and production guarantee were strengthened simultaneously. the mining transportation department actively communicated with the dispatching office of the beijing railway administration and shaheyi dispatching office, rationalized the rhythm of vehicles entering and leaving the mine, grasped the dynamic conditions of the vehicles and ensured the smooth and stable logistics order of shaheyi town station. all links were closely organized. when the line of shaheyi town station was tight and the progress of subsequent trains to enter and exit was influenced, adjustment was made in time to lay a good foundation for the subsequent dispatching of trains. the mining transportation department did a good job of ensuring control while the loading and distribution of building materials were suspended, balanced the use of personnel in the beneficiation station area, and ensuring vehicle preparation in advance to improve the efficiency of delivering building materials; it met the discharge conditions in strict accordance with the quality and time limit of discharged trains, and completed marshalling in advance when the line allowed, thereby ensuring that the trains are dispatched continuously.

through the joint efforts and close cooperation of all units, benefits have been created for the railway department, and win-win results have been achieved for railways and enterprises.

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