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departure zone of big air shougang opened to tourists for first time

release time:2022-06-09 09:56:07

when the grain rain comes, the splendor of spring is like the sunlight at dawn; mountains and rivers are dark green and seem to be covered in a blue dress. when the grain rain comes, shougang park becomes hotter and the breath of spring becomes richer.

on april 16th, in response to the expectations of the general public, the departure area of big air shougang and the internal platform of the cooling tower were opened to the public for the first time, and will be officially opened to the public during the may day holiday after trial operation of two weeks.

people have flocked to the area of big air shougang. the line of sight gradually widens while taking the foremost diagonal elevator in china from the “most beautiful heel of the glass slipper”. amid joyful shouts, the long wait of the people was finally over. when they arrived at the 48-meter platform in the departure area of “gu ailing flying in the snow” and “blockbuster su yiming”, their perspectives changed from looking up to looking down. surrounded by lakes and mountains, the panoramic view of shougang park lay in front of them, and the “winter dream” emblem of the beijing 2022 winter olympic games was near at hand. here is the commanding height of the blessed place for winning the winter olympics, and the first ski jump platform in the world to be permanently preserved and used. people took group photos, experienced the starting perspective of olympic champions, and sensed gu ailing and su yiming’s last deep breaths before winning the championship. when the people enjoy this, the legacies of the winter olympic games in the “post-olympic era” bloom quietly like flowers in a garden full of the beauty of spring.

people walked towards the cooling tower to see one of the cultural totems of industrial relics in shougang park for a hundred years. its unique shape has made it popular all over the world as the backdrop for athletes jumping high in the air, and it has become a wonderful image permanently fixed in the history of the winter olympics. a viewing platform has been set up in the cooling tower, enabling people to look up through the 70-meter tower from the inside to the sky. in a shocking space with industrial features, light and shadow are projected into the tower, forming a vigorous and powerful “time scale” which rotates with time. the cooling tower is unique in every aspect, making visitors feel as though they have been cut off from the outside world for ages when they have actually just arrived.

“i’m coming!” ms. wei, stepping out of the diagonal elevator, could not suppress hide her joy, and shouted with open arms, “ah, it’s so high! what a beautiful view! when the park first opened, i could only look at it from a distance, always thinking about when i could come up and experience it. i’ve desired to come here for so long, and today i’ve finally realized my dream. this is the blessed place for our olympic champions to win the championship, and i’ve also come to be blessed.” mr. zhang was in the departure area of big air, taking a group photo of his son with “bing dwen dwen” and “shuey rhon rhon”. “since the olympic winter games, big air shougang has become famous, and the reports about shougang on the tv, internet and newspapers are overwhelming. i’ve long desired to bring my son here to feel the atmosphere of the winter olympic games. we couldn’t snap up ‘bing dwen dwen’ at first, but we were among the first batch of people to visit big air today. looking at shougang from a different height is equally wonderful. my son can make his classmates envious when he goes back.”

in response to the general public’s “special need to have a look”, the shougang park sports center made careful preparations for the trial operation, studied the number of visitors that could attend in strict accordance with epidemic prevention requirements, maintained key equipment such as the elevators and made comprehensive arrangements for visiting routes, procedures of booking and purchasing tickets, and on-site management of visitors, ultimately ensuring that a large number of visitors could “feast their eyes” on the premise of safety and orderliness. once the ticket purchase information of the trial operation was released, all 425 tickets quickly sold out.

the departure area of big air shougang and the internal platform of the cooling tower (trial operation) are only opened on weekends. later, they will be officially opened to the outside world during the may day holiday by further improving the on-site exhibition cards and personnel allocation and training of lecturers to provide better quality services for visitors, and welcome both tourists and citizens to enter shougang park and feel the charm of shougang as a park of the summer and winter olympic games.

for the latest information about purchasing tickets, please search the “ai shougang park” app.

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