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surprise release of bmw brilliance x5 gloriously presents shougang’s automobile plates

release time:2022-06-09 09:53:24

on march 31st, bmw officially released the brand-new bmw brilliance x5 long-axis vehicle, which leads the domestication process of high-end medium and large luxury suvs. a large number of shougang’s high-end automobile plates, body side walls, rear tailgates and many other outer plates are adopted for brand-new bmw brilliance x5. more than 100 parts and materials of safety structures such as anti-collision beams, regular beams, a-pillars, b-pillars and fireproof partitions are sourced from shougang’s “manufacturing service”. shougang’s if steel, baked hardened steel, ultra-high-strength steel, hot-formed steel, dual/multiphase steel, high-strength hot-rolled pickling steel and other products are comprehensively applied in the model.

it takes ten years to sharpen a sword, and shougang has cooperated with bmw brilliance for more than ten years since 2011. shougang’s employees always adhere to the concept of “customer first”, aim at continuously improving customer satisfaction and win the recognition of customers with their excellent quality and professional service. at present, shougang’s products cover every bmw brilliance series, and the supply ratio of high-end products such as outer plates, high-strength steel and hot-formed steel has increased year by year. shougang has been the first supplier of automotive steel to bmw brilliance for five consecutive years with outstanding performance in technological innovation and pursuing “zero defects” in quality and “one-stop” service.

to actively promote in-depth cooperation between shougang and bmw brilliance, the shougang marketing center and bmw brilliance established the “shougang bmw brilliance alliance innovation studio”. with the teams on both sides closely integrated, full play is given to the complementary energy-gathering function of professional cross-knowledge implementation in the whole manufacturing process of automobile steel plates and parts, and the accumulation and comprehensive application of the alliance’s manufacturing experience and achievements in actual practice, thereby realizing in-depth cooperation across disciplines, fields and enterprises, which has been highly praised by bmw brilliance at all levels.

shougang dances with first-class enterprises and aligns with high-end standards. the deep cooperation with bmw brilliance has greatly and continuously promoted the overall level of the group’s manufacturing, technology and services, and the high-end manufacturing consciousness of “zero defects” has been rooted in the hearts of every employee. shougang will always adhere to the orientation of user demands, green guidance, innovation, ingenuity and the pursuit of excellence, advance hand in hand with bmw in high-quality products and services, merge international automotive steel and sing “made in china” with a strong voice in the era of international high-end automotive plates.

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