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jingtang company’s oily sludge comprehensive utilization project passes environmental protection acceptance

release time:2022-05-05 09:36:08

recently, the jingtang company’s oily sludge comprehensive utilization project passed its environmental protection acceptance, marking that the compliance of its oily sludge disposal has been recognized as maintaining its position at the forefront of the industry. after the project is put into operation, 2,000–3,000 tons of oily sludge will be treated, saving disposal costs of more than rmb 7 million and achieving both environmental protection and economic benefits.

on october 16th, 2019, the ministry of ecology and environment issued the guiding opinions on improving the capacity of environmental supervision, utilization and disposal of hazardous waste, and environmental risk prevention, proposing to standardize the co-disposal of cement kilns and industrial furnaces, and supporting the technological r&d of hazardous waste co-disposal in industrial furnaces and the trial co-disposal of hazardous waste in iron and steel smelting and other industrial furnaces by qualified enterprises. in 2020, the jingtang company began to study and explore the oily sludge comprehensive utilization project, trying to add the oily sludge from cold rolling to the coking coal tower for recycling, and tested the feasibility of the project in cooperation with the research institute of technology. after successful tests, the jingtang company entrusted shougang engineering with the design tasks. the project was approved in july 2020, construction started in february 2021 and commissioning began in may 2021.

at the environmental protection acceptance meeting of the project, eia experts checked and accepted the project in strict accordance with the relevant national laws and regulations, and the technical specifications for the environmental protection and acceptance of completed construction projects, listened to the project report carefully, asked about the basic situation of the company’s environmental protection management and inspected the equipment and facilities on site. the expert group affirmed that the jingtang company shouldered its social responsibility for environmental protection as a state-owned enterprise, earnestly assumed its entity responsibility and strictly fulfilled various environmental protection requirements in the construction and operation of the project, and agreed unanimously on the acceptance of the project. 

the jingtang company has always actively responded to the requirements of national environmental protection policies, practiced the environmental protection concept of “building green steel to ensure survival and promote development”, adhered to the principles of reduction, resource recovery and recycling, and fully recycled waste heat, excess pressure, excess gas, wastewater and solid waste. its industry chain of the comprehensive utilization of steel - power, steel - chemical engineering, steel - seawater utilization and steel - building materials has been initially formed. on the path of environmentally friendly development, the company has the courage to shoulder its social responsibility and display its integrity as a state-owned enterprise, and has won wide recognition from all sectors of society. the jingtang company was listed as one of the first pilot units building resource-saving and environmentally friendly enterprises in the iron and steel industry; it has won honors such as the ninth china baosteel environmental excellence award (enterprise environmental protection) for enterprises and passed the environmental protection grade a enterprise review; and it was rated as a “model enterprise of green development”.

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