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photovoltaic power station of daxing international airport parking building realizes combination to the grid

release time:2022-04-28 14:09:24

a few days ago, the solar photovoltaic power generation project built by “yitingche” under shoucheng holdings in the parking building of daxing international airport was smoothly put into use. it is estimated that its annual average power generation can reach more than 3 million kwh, saving 1,080 tons of standard coal and reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 3,040 tons every year, accounting for about 17% of the annual electricity consumption of the parking building, and saving about rmb 2 million in operating costs every year. in addition, this project is an important measure for adhering to the green and low carbon concept, and continuously promoting the construction of a green airport.

located on the roofs of parking buildings p1 and p2, the “yitingche” project has a total installed capacity of 2.8 mw and consists of 23,832 117.5wp (watt/peak power) modules. in order to avoid the glare risk of the south terminal building and ensure that the installed capacity meets the green building index of the airport, the photovoltaic project was fixed and installed at an inclination angle of 0°. in order to improve the photovoltaic power generation efficiency, the yitingche airport team held many discussions with the airport command department and design and greening units, optimized varieties of green plants and their spacing, and realized the perfect combination of photovoltaic project and roof landscape greening.

according to the relevant information, as a leading enterprise in the airport parking operation industry in china, “yitingche” under shoucheng holdings has continuously explored and iterated in the green operation and green quality improvement of parking assets in the airport, thereby accumulating rich experience. the landing of this photovoltaic power generation project is of exemplary significance for implementing the national carbon neutrality strategy and promoting the construction of photovoltaic systems, as well as advancing the application and innovation of renewable energy in the civil aviation and parking industries in the future.

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