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shougang industry wins bidding for daxing district government catering service project

release time:2022-05-05 09:38:22

recently, shougang industry and the shougang catering company won the recognition of the project owner and bid evaluation experts with its high-quality brand, good reputation, standardized management and professional team. it stood out among many domestic catering enterprises by ranking first, and successfully won the bidding for the catering service project in the centralized office area of the beijing daxing district government, representing a good start to its social market development.

the catering service project covers seven restaurants which provide daily catering services for more than 5,600 people from dozens of units including the daxing district government and various commissions, offices and bureaus. it is of great significance for the provision of efficient catering services for the daxing district government, playing a benchmarking role. after winning the bidding, the main leaders of shougang industry and the shougang catering company led teams to carry out on-the-spot investigations many times, and took the lead in setting up a working group with market, quality control, operations, human resources, publicity and other professional departments so as to comprehensively guarantee the project’s smooth and stable progress. in terms of preparation and planning, a detailed service plan was formulated by combining the actual characteristics of each restaurant in the project; in terms of personnel organization, a project management team was set up by selecting the best of the best in the companies, and preliminary work including pre-job training and education for the service team of more than 300 people shall be carried out in advance; in terms of service management, according to shougang’s service modes, the establishment and optimization of restaurant environments, updating of system standards on the wall, updating and adjustment of identification labels, and other work has been completed; in terms of quality improvement, close communication is being maintained with the owner’s persons in charge in order to understand the eating habits and taste preferences of the target diners so as to ensure high-quality dishes and quick response to service demands. service from the heart starts with the little things. the smooth handover of catering services for the centralized office area of the daxing district government won shougang’s services the recognition of district government leaders.

this is the largest government catering service project to be undertaken by the shougang catering company through open bidding, representing a new leap forward in expanding a high-end and efficient service market. it will also be constructed and maintained as a shougang industrial demonstration project. by continuously improving the technological content of services, refined management level and standardized, normalized and demonstrative service system, we will create high-quality, high-level and high-efficiency boutique projects with ingenuity, thereby serving as a leading and radiative model of “playing an exemplary role in internal management and displaying shougang’s services in external development”.

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