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shougang zhixin electromagnetic selected as national manufacturing single champion demonstration enterprise

release time:2022-03-22 13:42:04

recently, shougang zhixin electromagnetic was officially selected for inclusion in the sixth batch of single champion demonstration enterprises in the field of electrical steel products in the manufacturing industry, and successfully included in the list of the sixth batch of single champions in the manufacturing industry and third batch of single champion enterprises (products) in the manufacturing industry passing reexamination jointly issued by the ministry of industry and information technology, and china federation of industrial economics. 

with its excellent electromagnetic performance, electrical steel is an important soft magnetic functional material which is widely used in motors and transformers. due to its long production process, strict requirements for high purity and dimensional accuracy, and narrow process control window, the product involves extremely difficult r&d, production and manufacturing technologies, and is known as the “crown jewel” of the steel industry.

“manufacturing single champion enterprises” refers to enterprises that have focused on specific market segments of the manufacturing industry in the long term, possess internationally leading production technology or processes, and rank in the top three for the global market share of a single product. shougang zhixin electromagnetic is the first national manufacturing single champion enterprise in tangshan, filling the “blank” of national manufacturing single champions in the city. this selection has received strong support from governments at all levels and companies at both levels. 

shougang zhixin electromagnetic is the main platform for shougang’s three strategic electrical steel products in the industry. it has independently integrated the world’s advanced technology and equipment, made independent innovations, broken through the technological blockades of foreign countries, raised china’s steel manufacturing level, produced the “crown jewel” of the steel industry, promoted the localization of key soft magnetic functional materials for power electronics, firmly grasped the key core technology of “heavy equipment” and obtained more than 150 patent authorizations, with its product quality reaching the international leading level.

zhixin electromagnetic has always kept in mind shougang’s mission of serving the country through enterprise development, adhered to the national strategies, identified its development orientation with global vision and focused on the technical progress and product upgrading of electrical steel. after a decade of innovation and entrepreneurship, relying on the production-marketing-research integrated management system, optimized quality management system and globally advanced technology and equipment, it has created the “speed of shougang” in electrical steel in china’s steel industry.

adhering to the positioning of “high-end, efficient, green and environmentally friendly” products, and the concept of “green manufacturing and low-carbon development”, zhixin electromagnetic provides important basic raw material support for the delivery of green products in such fields as green home appliances, green travel and green energy.

shougang has continuously consolidated the leading edge of its non-oriented electrical steel in the field of inverter home appliances, becoming the main supplier of midea, gree, panasonic, hitachi and other well-known enterprises. its special products for new energy vehicles have entered the ranks of international advanced materials, winning the high recognition of american, german, japanese and domestic high-end passenger car users. its oriented electrical steel products rank in the first echelon of transformer material suppliers in the world, and its related products are supplied in batches to famous transformer manufacturers at home and abroad, such as tbea, baobian, xd, abb, siemens and ge, and have been successfully applied in the huainan-shanghai double million transformer, zhangbei-xiong’an uhv project, baihetan and wudongdong hydropower station project, beijing daxing international airport, hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge and other major national engineering projects, serving 59 fortune 500 enterprises worldwide. shougang electric steel has become a landmark product supporting shougang’s high-quality development, a benchmark and demonstration achievement of the national “dual carbon” strategy, and a green name card leading the green and low-carbon transformation of the industry, and contributing the products and wisdom of shougang to national security, national strategies, the national economy and the people’s livelihood.

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