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shougang’s new high-strength uf steel for automotive outer plates released in china

release time:2022-03-22 16:51:23

recently, more than 50 new and old users of shougang’s automotive plates gathered online to witness the release of shougang’s new high-strength uf steel for automotive outer plates.

shougang’s uni-fish ultra-fine-grain high-strength steel (uf steel) is an innovative product developed by shougang in china. it is the first domestic product developed by shougang for automotive outer plates following the debut of its dh steel in china.

auto factories require a wide selection of high-strength and stable steel for covering parts that can be partially formed without an intermediate coating. to this end, shougang developed its ultra-fine-grain high-strength uf steel for outer plates. instead of traditional mn and p solution strengthening, uf steel mainly adopts fine-grain strengthening precipitation strengthening. microalloy elements are added in a quantitative ratio, and a corresponding thermal treatment system is adopted to control the formation of uniform fine microstructures and specific microscopic precipitate morphology. with higher strength, higher formability, lower waviness, higher performance stability and better dent resistance, the product meets users’ needs for high-strength outer plate steel that is formable, stable, dent-resistant and free of intermediate coating. shougang provides users with more choice for outer plate products without intermediate coating.

to enable shougang’s partners to gain a deeper understanding of the new product, guan jiandong, head of the uf steel team and chief engineer of the qianshun technology center, gave a detailed report on the development of uf steel. during the q&a session, professional staff gave detailed answers to every question in the message area. some users expressed their need for further communication with shougang during the livestream. zhang ning, special secretary-general of the china society of automotive engineering, affirmed the development advantages of uf steel in automotive outer plates.

in an interview, guan jiandong said that shougang’s ultra-fine-grain high-strength uf steel features “four highers and two lowers”, namely higher dent resistance, higher isotropy, higher surface quality, higher aging resistance, lower ductile-brittle transition temperature and lower waviness, and the product provides users with thin, lightweight outer plates, thereby saving more in cost and energy, and reducing carbon emissions.

a person in charge of beijing shougang said that shougang will always bear in mind its responsibility as a state-owned enterprise, unswervingly follow the path of high-quality development while giving priority to ecological, green and low-carbon development, focus on users’ overall needs for quality, delivery, r&d service, innovation and efficiency, and create higher value for users with more advanced technology, more refined products and better services. 

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