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gu ailing returns to shougang’s blessed land in first appearance after winter olympics

release time:2022-03-16 13:38:24

on march 14th, gu ailing returned to big air shougang, the venue where she won the first gold medal in the winter olympics, to participate in the love heart charity running public benefit activity “promising mobile, wisdom to the future” sponsored by china mobile, making this her first official appearance after the winter olympics.

in front of big air shougang, gu ailing was extremely excited: “wow! i feel so good today because not only can i come out to bask in the sun, but i can return to shougang, a very important place in my heart. i got my first gold medal here. it was also the first time in the history of the winter olympics that there was big air event. it made its first appearance in shougang park. i’m very happy and honored.”

family representatives and running group representatives of china mobile’s love “heart” action, and relevant representatives of china mobile and the shougang group gathered at big air shougang to jointly launch china mobile’s love “heart” action project of 2022.

in this activity, china mobile officially invited gu ailing to become the “love ambassador of the china mobile charity foundation”. through this love heart charity running activity, the two parties continued to convey the concepts of public benefit and charity, call upon the public to participate in national fitness, care for special groups and help children with congenital heart disease to regain their healthy “heart”, which will create a healthy china and share a beautiful era.

earlier, in the freestyle women’s big air final, chinese athlete gu ailing reversed magically in the last jump at big air shougang, winning the first gold medal of the women’s big air in the history of the winter olympics with a total score of 188.25 points. at the same time, as the first big air to be permanently preserved and used in the world, big air shougang amazed the world.

the charity running activity held by china mobile to join hands with gu ailing aimed to invite more good-hearted people to participate in charity activities and make charitable donations through the call of the olympic champion as a role model. the total distance of the love heart running was about 2 km, starting at big air shougang, circling qunming lake once and then returning to the start. under the leadership of gu ailing, many runners rushed into the sunshine together.

it is reported that shougang park, as the “blessed place of two gold medals” of the chinese delegation for the winter olympics, will be fully opened to the outside world in the near future, and the area of big air shougang will also be “unsealed”, allowing citizens and tourists to enjoy the sight of the big air and “touch the blessings” at a close distance.

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