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the final & closing ceremony of 5g innovative application competition was held in the shougang park

release time:2021-01-20 09:16:05

 the final & closing ceremony of 2020 zhongguancun 5g innovative application competition was held in the shougang park on december 18. guests present at the closing ceremony included zhang jinsong, deputy secretary general of the beijing municipal government; zhai lixin, director of the zhongguancun management committee; li xin, commissioner of shijingshan district; liu hang, level ii inspector of the zhongguancun management committee; huang ping, level ii inspector of the beijing communications administration; gu jinxu, chief engineer of the beijing municipal bureau of economy and information technology; liang jie, leader of shougang group; and relevant heads of companies and institutions including the china academy of information and communications technology, the china mobile research institute, the china united network communications group beijing branch, china mobile communications group beijing co., ltd., china telecom beijing branch, huawei technologies co., ltd., zhongguancun shijingshan science park, zhongguancun yanqing park and zhongguancun software park. 

a grand science & technology show was held at  shougang park’s xiuchi underwater exhibition hall. more than 30 selected project teams displayed the latest achievements in 5g innovative application on site, allowing the audience to get a glimpse of the great wisdom and infinite possibilities of a variety of 5g enabled application scenarios. 

with a focus on 5g core technologies and 5g innovative application scenarios including smart parks, smart logistics, uavs, smart construction sites and industrial internet, the competition collected and appraised excellent cases around the globe, with the goal of facilitating the in-depth integration of 5g technologies with real application scenarios and accelerating the implementation of 5g commercialization. at the closing ceremony, the zhongguancun management committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the three major communication operators and 12 leading enterprises (parks) held market cooperation contract signing ceremony. on the basis of preferentially securing 5g network coverage in zhongguancun affiliated parks, the three operators will devote themselves to identifying and incubating a batch of application projects with 5g features in the zhongguancun national demonstration zone. seven excellent projects from six competition sections, including core technologies, smart parks, smart logistics, industrial internet, uavs and smart construction sites, competed in the championship, three of which respectively won the first, second and third prizes in the final round. 

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