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shougang park named a demonstration base for beijing's sports industry

release time:2021-01-20 09:14:27

recently, shougang park was included in the general administration of sport's sports service complex classic examples and named a demonstration base for beijing's sports industry. 

so far, a group of sports venues have begun to take shape in shougang park, preliminarily establishing it as a trendy sports center with a global vision and a "sports plus industry" integrated innovation center. in recent years, shougang park has developed and built four venues for ice sports including short track speed skating, figure skating, curling and hockey. these four venues can be used for international sporting events and high-end sports training. shougang extreme park, ranking among the top 3 in size domestically, is the biggest outdoor venue for skateboarding and rock climbing in beijing. the ski jump platform, as the only venue for ice sports for the beijing 2022 games within the urban area, is not only a venue for sports events, but also a landmark attraction and trendy must-visit site. these venues, as well as other facilities including the skywalk and the no.3 blast furnace, can be used to host events including ice sports, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, basketball, skateboarding, roller skating, bicycle motocross (bmx), parkour, rock climbing, and e-sports. 

the park has seen tenants including tencent sports and sky limit entertainment (sle) move in, among other star sports culture companies. it has also seen the launch of the hockey rink 360-degree panoramic spectatorship project, and the official operation of the tencent sports studio project. the qqlive oxygen factory studio project will soon go into service in 2021. the tenancy of industry leaders in the park over time will attract a cluster of "sports plus culture" companies. 

it is reported that in 2020, the general administration of sport solicited for sports service complex classic examples nationwide, including four types of venue: sports venues, outdoor sports and leisure spaces, commercial spaces, and others. across china, there are 49 complexes included in this list, three of which are located in beijing, including the north area of shougang park, the national aquatics center (water cube) and huaxi live wukesong arena. 

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