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jingtang batches produces three-sizing pipeline steel for the first time

release time:2020-09-11 09:27:38

recently, the 4,300mm production line of the shougang jingtang’s plate business department achieved the first three-sizing batch production of 21.1mm high-grade pipeline steel x70m. in the rolling process, various technological parameters were accurately controlled, and the plate shape’s one-time pass rate, performance pass rate and finished product rate all reached the best level in its history.

compared with double-sizing rolling, the three-sizing rolling of 21.1mm pipeline steel x70m can reduce the removal of steel plate’s head and tail, and the finished product rate can be increased by 2%. the pipeline steel produced this time is the first three-sizing rolling of high-grade pipeline steel since the plate production line was moved to jingtang. this is conducive to improving the price competitive advantage of the pipeline steel products from jingtang’s plate production line, and has great significance in terms of achieving full coverage of product outline promotion and the recovery of user channels.

during the epidemic, the plate production technology room has been in constant communication with customers to ensure that product quality meets the requirements of contract orders. because of the high strength level, the requirements of the rolling reduction of the steel plate during rough rolling, the plate shape control during the finish rolling, and the control of underwater temperature and temperature above water are all extremely strict. if the three-sizing rolling plan is adopted, its production will be more difficult, and various problems such as wave shape and sickle bending may occur. therefore, the plate business department held several production preparation meetings to conduct detailed research on the technical requirements of the contract, make a detailed production organization plan, track the entire process production of the whole contract with product technicians from the technical center and the manufacturing department present on site, and take key control to optimize the process parameters for steel plate’s performance uniformity and plate shape’s flatness. the pipeline steel x70m is produced with the strong water-cooling controlled rolling and controlled cooling process, and the level of control over the controlled rolling and controlled cooling process of the plate production line has been fully verified during this batch production of pipeline steel, laying a solid foundation for future orders of products with different specifications.

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