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jingtang 1420 acid rolling production set a record high

release time:2020-09-18 08:44:56

in may, the 1420 acid rolling production line of the tinplate business division of the jingtang company successfully rolled 0.136 mm ultra-standard products. under the condition that the average cross-sectional area of the product was less than 6% of the product outline, a monthly production of 77,900 tons was achieved, which was a record high.

strengthening equipment operation and maintenance improves the speed of rolling mills. by adjusting the space and position of the roll system, and by strengthening the precise control of the roll profile, improving the automatic speed reduction of strip deviation and optimizing cpc control, the tinplate business division thoroughly solved the running edge problem at the acid treatment end of the line. equipment and production professionals actively optimized the maintenance model by implementing the “8-16-8-16 hour” cycle mode three times a month to shorten the maintenance time by 10 hours per month. the division strictly implemented a responsibility system involving taking charge of machines, solidly conducting routine inspections and maintenance of production line equipment, adhering to the “1 hour a day” 6s site building and extensively mobilizing employees to participate in qti site improvement, significantly improving the equipment cleaning level and working conditions.

technical research and strict process control was carried out. the tinplate business division and the hot rolling operation division jointly carried out special research. by modifying the side guide plate pressure control mode of the hot rolling coiler and optimizing the folding pressure alarm control of the coiler, the hot rolling incoming material defects were effectively reduced; after several theoretical model studies and operation tests, the backup roll period of the mill has been extended by 30%, and the roll change time has been saved by 10 hours per month; by adjusting the surface precision of the work roll, the roll period of the no.2 and no.3 stands of the rolling mill has been prolonged by more than 20%, and the number of roll changes, roll consumption and roll change times have been reduced. the business division paid close attention to the control of the production process. under the premise of ensuring normal equipment load and good strip pickling quality, the maximum operation speed of the pickling section was increased by 10%. according to the speed fluctuation of the rolling mill, the hot roll system was optimized. after optimization, the output increased by nearly 2,000 tons per month.

personnel training to improve operation was strengthened. the tinplate business division compiled the “summary of historical accident cases” and organized employee learning and exchange in the form of pre-shift meetings and team safety activities, so as to effectively improve employees’ awareness of standardized operation and the ability of accident prediction and emergency disposal. at the same time, employees are encouraged to actively make suggestions towards the goal of increasing production and efficiency, and to make full efforts to carry out rapid improvement of qti. also, the cultivation of multi-skilled workers is actively promoted, and at present, full employee communication in the rolling mill area has been realized, and the operation level of all employees has been improved.

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