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shougang successfully develops high-manganese steel for extremely cryogenic vessels

release time:2020-09-11 09:25:55

recently, shougang jingtang company’s 4,300mm medium and heavy plate production lines successfully rolled 12mm thin high-manganese steel for extremely cryogenic vessels. the steel plate has excellent mechanical properties as well as surface, plate shape and internal qualities, and fully meets all relevant standards and users’ requirements. research and development into supporting welding materials and processes have also been completed at the same time.

with the steady implementation of chinese clean energy strategies, liquefied natural gas is now widely used as an environmentally friendly energy source. there are high requirements in terms of the low-temperature performance of the steel on vessels during the production, transportation, storage and use of liquefied natural gas, leading to rapid development in the steel for use in cryogenic vessels. among them, high-manganese steel has attracted more and more attention from the industry due to its lower cost and better low-temperature performance.

as early as 2016, the technology institute had started to carry out research into high-manganese steel. the research and development team led by chai yuguo of the heavy plate research institute fully utilized the resources of the pilot laboratory and mastered the strengthening and toughening mechanism of high-manganese steel in the absence of any previous research to draw upon. the overall properties of the resulting pilot steel plate are excellent, a sentiment that has been affirmed by downstream users. however, the success of the pilot test is only the first step of this "long march", and each process of the next step - industrial trial production - will be a formidable battle in itself.

jingtang company attaches great importance to the industrial trial production of high-manganese steel and has formed a number of professional research teams covering steelmaking, steel rolling, production organization, quality inspection, and so on. the technical center has provided substantial evidence to support the implementation plan, and are working to steadily push the trial production forwards. as high-manganese steel is up to 30% alloy and has low thermal conductivity,  alloying the molten steel’s is difficult, and the molten steel will also leak easily during the continuous casting process. the teams from the manufacturing department and the steel-making department withstood the pressure of this challenging task, and drew on their collective wealth of on-site experience to develop emergency countermeasure and response plans. the special strengthening and toughening mechanism of high-manganese steel also challenged the rolling process. tian shiping of the business department of medium and heavy plates withstood the pressure and organized various professional and technical personnel to carry out all necessary demonstrations and simulations. he was involved in the entire implementation from the process route to the control parameters. in the first quarter of 2020, shougang’s high-manganese steel products completed all industrial trial production processes, with all links proving successful at the same time. a major technological breakthrough was made with an efficient input-output ratio.

shougang has always stuck to the brand concept of “manufacturing service” and providing good technical services to users. based on characteristics such as alloy composition, base material properties, and service environment of high-manganese steel, the welding team continued to carry out research into welding property and successfully developed special high-manganese steel welding materials. the impact energy of the weld joint at -196 ℃ reached more than 100j, which achieves the best match between the properties of the welded joint and the base material. shougang workers work hard day and night have successfully picked the ‘golden fruit’ of high-manganese steel for extremely cryogenic vessels. showing tenacity and perseverance they independently completed the research and development of supporting welding materials and processes. this is not only a breakthrough in shougang’s technology but is also a solid step towards the localization of a new generation of cryogenic vessels.


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