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shougang won “international influential brand of excellent chinese steel enterprises”

release time:2020-09-04 11:46:13

on may 10, the 4th chinese brand day, china metallurgical news agency solemnly released the chinese steel industry brand list for 2020. shougang group co., ltd. was honored as an “international influential brand among excellent chinese steel enterprises” for 2020, and beijing shougang co., ltd. (shougang brand) was named as a chinese steel market (coil) excellent brand for 2020.

with its sights set on becoming a world-class enterprise, shougang group constantly improves its comprehensive “manufacturing and service” competitiveness within the steel industry, having formed ten high-end product series including automobile plates, electrical steel, and tinplates. shougang has also left its mark on a number of important national projects, including “bluewhale 1”, high-speed railway, high bridges and ships, hydropower, nuclear power, and rockets. since 2019, shougang steel product mix has been continuously optimized and brand influence has been continuously enhanced. its non-oriented electrical steel for motors of new energy automobile was the first to be launched worldwide; five new products, such as 1200mpa grade cold-rolled multiphase automobile plates, were launched in china; its market share of ultra-thin products ranked first in china for two consecutive years; it has supplied lightweight steel to huawei’s 5g base station; the company has won bmw brilliance’s “quality excellence award” and has been awarded a prize as siemens’ best worldwide supplier. since the beginning of 2020, with the sudden outbreak of covid-19, the shougang group party committee insisted on carrying out the epidemic prevention and control and operation concurrently with production and construction, demonstrating again that centennial shougang is a responsible actor when it matters most. in the first quarter, the group’s iron and steel departments made every effort to overcome the adverse impact of the epidemic to ensure efficient, stable and smooth production and steady product sales. cumulative sales revenue increased by 14% year-on-year, and total profits increased by 13% year-on-year, achieving a good start in both production and operations.

china metallurgical news agency’s brand appraisal event has been held annually for the past four years. excellent brands are selected based on the strictest principles of fairness, openness and honesty. appraisals are based on the enterprises’ investment in enterprise operations and brand construction during the previous year; public opinions collected via wechat voting; and the opinions of industry experts. in this year’s event, enterprises’ contributions towards the fight against the epidemic and the effect of these actions on enterprise brand promotion was also considered, so as to more truly reflect the brand influence of the enterprises and the march of chinese steel towards achieving powerful brand status. the event is widely recognized by the industry as an authoritative brand appraisal event.

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