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shougang and beijing create establish a“joint laboratory of electrical steel application technology”

release time:2020-02-17 16:09:43

recently, the “joint laboratory of electrical steel application technology” established by shougang co., ltd. and beijing create was launched.

in recent years, shougang has responded to the new requirements of national green power grid construction and transformer efficiency improvement, adhered to the “high-end, high-efficient, green environmentally friendly” research and development philosophy, and stuck to the “thin specifications, low iron loss, high magnetic induction” product development path. its electrical steel with ultra-thin specifications was ranked first in the market share in china. the products are exported to 29 countries and regions such as japan and have been successfully applied to many national power stations and power grid projects along the “belt and road” in angola and laos. its products are also widely used in “double million” uhv transformers, high-efficiency energy-saving distribution transformers, etc., successfully used in huainan-shanghai uhv transmission project, zhangbei-xiongan uhv project, china’s first high-speed railway intelligent substation, beijing daxing international airport, beijing expo 2019, the winter olympics venues, the hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge, guangdong taipingling nuclear power plant and other national major projects. currently, shougang has become supplier of transformer materials for baihetan hydropower station, the world's currently largest hydropower project which is under construction, and wudongde hydropower station, transmitting electricity to more than 20 provinces and cities, having made outstanding contributions to many fields such as national security, national strategy, national economy and people’s livelihood.

beijing create is a technology-oriented power distribution equipment manufacturing company. it is now a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch plan in beijing. the company has long been committed to the technical progress of the power distribution system. it has taken the lead in introducing new types of power distribution equipment and technologies such as american box transformers and modular substations and achieved fruitful results in the intelligentization of power distribution equipment. in the application of ultra-thin high-magnetic-oriented electrical steel cores, beijing create has accumulated rich experience and possessed advanced technical equipment and design capabilities. previously, the two parties had in-depth cooperation in the fields of energy-efficient oil-immersed transformers and dry-type transformers, and the scope of cooperation covered high capacity energy-efficient distribution transformers from 100 kva to 2,500 kva.

the two parties will focus on the development direction of high energy efficiency and low noise of transformers, and plan to conduct joint research on transformer’s noise reduction, production of high-efficiency energy-saving transformer, and application of ultra-thin and high-magnetic-oriented electrical steel products to contribute more power to the development of the national power industry.

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