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shougang's first shipment of green building materials through the "yangtze river delta"

release time:2020-04-02 10:27:33

the time was 13:15 on january 3, the place was jingtang port wharf, with the last bucket of cargo loaded onto the deck, a freighter loaded with 23,000 tons of shougang green building materials set sail for longwu wharf of shanghai port. this marks shougang green building materials shipped in the first voyage, a new channel for shipping sales and a new market in the yangtze river delta are now opened. the joint sales organization mode of "three carriages", namely via automobile, railway, and sea, for comprehensive utilization of resources products of shougang mining co., ltd. to be officially formed.

in recent years, shougang mining company endowed with its unique resources has seized the opportunity of green development to speed up resources integration to become a new growth role model for high-quality development in the industry. as it implements the "shougang building materials” brand strategy, it is driven by market demands—to conquer the market by quality assurance and technical development; to fortify the market through accurate distribution and quality services; and to build a "manufacturing service" marketing culture while striving to construct an efficient and stable marketing system. in 2019, on the basis of stabilizing the automobile transportation market and expanding the railway transportation market, we focused on the sea as a strategic vision, fully explored the shipping market, thoroughly investigated the market demand of huanghua, shandong, the yangtze river delta and the pearl river delta, to understand product composition, production capacity, and market price of the shipping market in the competitive region, and to formulate a scientific and systematic shipping research report and sales opinions. we tightened our collaboration with ports, freight forwarding companies, and end-users before opening the yangtze river delta market to streamline business processes such as port collection, berthing, and closing positions.

with the smooth launch of the regional market of longwu port in the yangtze river delta, shougang green building materials will gradually expand to lianyungang, ningbo port, and other regions. through closer cooperation with end-users, freight forwarding companies, and various ports, the yangtze river delta market will be fully opened up and by then, the "steadying the north and expanding the south" trend of shougang green building materials market will become a reality.

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