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shougang group co., ltd. completed full-year plan ahead of time

release time:2020-02-17 16:11:22

as of november 15, shougang group co., ltd. has accumulated 2.25 billion kilowatt-hours of spontaneous electricity in 2019, ahead of schedule to complete the full-year task target.

energy balance guarantees power generation. in the face of the complex and unpredictable production of the joint-stock company, such as environmental protection production limit, maintenance, and production reduction, the energy dispatching system should do a good job of accurate grasp of the overall gas, steam and other resources and macro control, to dynamically coordinate the energy usage rhythm of iron, steel, and rolling energy in view of ensuring the main line energy supply, to fully buffer the gas tank and maximize the full load or high load operation of the high-efficiency generator set.

equipment stability ensures power generation. the department of energy strengthens the fixed inspection and repair of equipment, improves the periodic maintenance, strictly implements the system of equipment elimination and maintenance management, and tamps the management of equipment hidden trouble checking system. the successful completion of the high-standard conventional overhaul of the 50mwccpp2 units in the power generation operation area has laid a solid foundation for its peak summertime and stable production as well as high yield. besides that, maintenance is carefully organized, focusing on solving the problem of shaft vibration of thermoelectric no.2 machine and no. 3 furnace’s differential pressure generator set, continuously exert the advantages of pressure difference dry process integration to ensure the upper and lower processes are coordinated and communicated efficiently. all generating units are to achieve high-level, long-period, safe and stable operation.

technological transformation guarantees power generation. the department of energy has set the gas transfer pipeline into operation to form a recovery mode of 5 converters to 3 gas converters, which has greatly increased the gas recovery capacity of the converter, completed the water spraying transformation of the coal compressor of the circulating generator set, and increased the power generation load of the unit in the summer, completed the upgrading project of the automatic control equipment of the thermoelectric unit to ensure the stable operation of the unit control system, and by tackling the key problems independently, the main steam pressure parameters of the unit are upgraded to achieve more than 3.9 million kwh per month under the premise of ensuring safety.

fine management guarantees power generation. the department of energy implements the post-responsibility system, strengthens the index decomposition and implements the wall chart operation, sets up the whole  accounting consciousness for staff, strictly implements the small index examination, insists on frequent adjustment, fine adjustment and slight adjustment and demands benefits from the dynamic balance, in line with giving priority to ensuring the operation of the 150mwccpp and 50mwccpp high-efficiency units, adjusts the energy medium balance in time, keeps an eye on the load change, tracks the completion of the electricity quantity plan, and provides a strong guarantee for the power generation according to the change of gas supply, environmental protection production limit and maintenance.

environmental compliance ensures power generation. there are five sets of flue gas online monitoring devices for thermoelectric units, back pressure units, 2 50mwccpp units and 1 150mwccpp unit in the power generation operation area, which are connected to qian’an environmental protection monitoring platform. the department of energy has carefully studied and adopted many measures such as ammonia spraying, adjusting the fuel allocation of thermoelectric units and back pressure units, which not only ensure the consistent steam supply of the company, but also guarantee the exhaust data of the units meet the requirements of environmental protection. employees in the thermoelectric operation area innovate the best operation method, carefully monitor the machine monitor plate and carry out accurate operation to ensure that the smoke emission index reaches the standard. through unremitting efforts, back pressure units, 2 50mwccpp units and 1 150mwccpp unit all passed the ultra low emission acceptance in september 2019. the thermoelectric operation area increases the average value of environmental data and the control value for the monitoring host, strengthens the monitoring of environmental data, and creates more electricity and more results in order to ensure the adherence to the environmental protection standard.

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