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the west ten winter olympic square project wins the landscape engineering gold award

release time:2020-01-08 10:09:36

recently, the landscape engineering of the transforming shougang old industrial zone into west ten winter olympic square project by shougang greening company has won the science and technology award and landscape engineering gold award of chinese society of landscape architecture. the criteria of this award covers scientific and technological achievements, planning and design, and engineering projects in the field of landscape architecture. the three sub-awards are science and technology progress award, planning and design award, and landscape engineering award. a total of 1,035 valid application materials were received.

the chinese society of landscape architecture is an academic, scientific, non-profit national corporate social organization, and a member of china association for science and technology and international federation of landscape architects (ifla).

shougang greening company is a comprehensive landscape engineering company with multiple complementary modes, such as scientific research, landscape design, landscape construction, maintenance, flower cultivation and leasing, fertilizer processing, and environmental cleaning. in 2013, she emerged as the first-class enterprise qualification of urban landscape and won the title of “beijing excellent landscape enterprise.” it upholds the principle of combining social benefits, environmental benefits and economic benefits, conscientiously implements the “forest law” of the people's republic of china and the “urban greening regulations” of the state council, and actively organizes and carries out the national compulsory tree planting. since the beijing 2022 winter olympic organizing committee settled in shougang park, shougang greening company has been planning and carefully organizing landscape engineering construction and environmental improvement of shougang park, green space maintenance, road cleaning, street lamp maintenance, and other works with outstanding standards.

according to the overall arrangement and relevant requirements of the three-year plan of shougang, greening company organizes and implements the development and greening project construction of the north area of shougang on time both qualitatively and quantitatively. in 2019, it has actively participated in and completed greening projects such as the no. 3 blast furnace landscape project, the landscape project in shijingshan landscape park, the landscape project in coking plant ecological park, the landscape project of east gate reconstruction, desulfurization landscape project, landscape project of chang'an street west extension, and west ten winter olympic security fence project, with a greening area of more than 100,000 square meters, including more than 1,000 trees and shrubs, and nearly 100 species of ground cover. the average survival rate of trees and shrubs attained more than 96% as a result of implementing detailed management. especially in the case of the greening project of roofs a, b, c, and d pavilions of no. 3 blast furnace, greening company honors design foundation by maximizing the advantages of understanding the plant varieties, reducing cost, ensuring landscape effect, and making contribution to the improvement of the landscape environment and greening quality of shougang park.

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