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freeski and snowboard world cup ends thumbs up for shougang ski jumping platform

release time:2020-01-03 10:12:26

on december 14, it was a wrap for the 2019 air and style beijing fis snowboard world cup at the ski jumping platform in shougang park. the perfect debut of the ski jumping platform is destined to become a famous landmark in the history of the winter olympics in beijing.

after a close competition at the qualifying stage on december 12 and 13, 18 board skiers and 16 freestyle skiers made it to the final. in the end, norwegian skiers, bilke ruder and st. anne kiely won the men’s and women’s freestyle competition, respectively. canadian skier max parrot and japanese skier onitsuka won the men’s and women’s board competitions, respectively.

this year marks the 10th anniversary of the air and style contests in beijing. this extreme event incorporates the unique expression of live music shows, being popular all over the world. the recently constructed venue for the beijing 2022 winter olympic games, the shougang ski jumping platform, is the world’s first permanent ski jumping platform reserved and used, and also the only venue for the beijing olympic winter games downtown. it was launched to the public as one of the competitions venues. at the same time, the fascinating light show that relives the tradition of air and style of combining extreme sports with music and takes the ski jumping platform and industrial heritage of shougang as a carrier has provided an impactful audio-visual feast for the athletes and audiences with such electrifying treat. a total of 146 athletes from 25 countries, including the host china, signed up to participate in the event. nearly 5,000 spectators watched the game on the spot, and more than 60 media rushed to report.

fis officials said the event was run very well and perfectly. norwegian skier jesper yad, who has won a men’s singles bronze medal, bluntly liked shougang ski jumping platform. “this big platform is as big as a hill, making the skiing experience as through navigating through the hills.” "i think it is great, it is awesome!" canadian skier hal said, “the atmosphere at the scene was very good. this big platform is of a high standard. this is a cool place. i really like it here. i hope to have a chance in the future to participate in the beijing winter olympics in 2022.” wang gang, deputy director of the beijing sports competition management center, who is responsible for the operation of specific competitions said, "the big platform has world-class hardware and venue facilities. all athletes, coaches, and officials said that it the best venue they have ever met. from the main structure of the event, to the production and maintenance of the slopes to keeping quality of the snow, it can be said that we have done a good job. the success of air and style competition has enhanced our confidence in hosting the winter olympics.”

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