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shougang concord provides convenient and efficient parking service for passengers in daxing international airport with average daily traffic flow of

release time:2020-01-15 10:07:42

since daxing international airport officially opens on september 25, the hong kong-listed shougang concord as the operator of airport parking has been providing convenience for passengers with diversified parking modes. at present, the average daily traffic flow of the parking complex is 15,000 vehicles with 8,000 passengers served. during the national day holidays, the average maximum daily traffic flow was 32,000 vehicles and peak flow 37,000 vehicles.

the parking complex of daxing international airport is located at the north wing of the airport, which consists of the east and the west buildings, three levels above ground and one level underground. there are 4,238 parking lots in total, including 630 charging stations and convenient service facilities covering an area of 10,000 square meters.

the agv robot intelligent parking area on the first floor of the east building has 4 access stations and 3 robots. a car owner only needs to park the car in the waiting area before alighting and the rest will be fully taken care by the agv robot. to pick up his vehicle, the owner can use the printed qr code or the sms code received via his mobile phone.

at the intelligent parking area, one female driver stops her vehicle at the no. 3 parking station of the robotic parking station. as soon as the car is parked, the large screen in front of the car would prompt her to apply the handbrake, ensuring no passenger or valuables is left in the car before the doors are locked. she then walks out of the station, enters her mobile number on the touch screen at the station entrance to confirm “parking completed” and receives the qr code printed under the touch screen. and then, she leaves at ease. a robot with “two arms” would slowly drive her vehicle into the side of the garage, automatically adjust the size based on the scanning data of the parking station, lift the four wheels of the car with its “two arms,” and transport it to the appropriate parking lot. the whole process is fully automated. “robot parking is absolutely hassle-free, easy, and convenient,” says the lady driver.

according to the person in charge of the robotic parking area, in future, passengers can also reserve pick-up time during car storage. at the appointed pick-up time, the robot will move the car to the parking station in advance, without having its driver to wait. the whole operation can be completed in 2 minutes from the time of parking to the completion of all procedures. the head of shougang concord parking building operation said, “this is the first robotic parking application in a domestic airport. by allocating 128 parking lots in the parking building as automated parking, parking space has increased by 30%, the number of parking lots has increased to 154, and the inter-vehicle distance has shortened from 20 cm to 5 cm.

in terms of security, the robot has its own obstacle avoidance safety detection mechanism. when it detects an obstacle within a designated range, it will automatically slow down and brake to avoid it. drivers can now hand their precious cars over as they will not be scratched or dented by robots, and even with multiple robots operating simultaneously, they are more than capable to give way to one another.

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