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shougang spirit

release time:2017-03-29 16:39:35

shougang spirit: pioneering, unremitting and hardworking

highly responsible, innovative and leading

over a century of incessant development, the shougang group has cultivated excellent corporate culture, accumulated precious spiritual wealth, and formed distinct and unique corporate spirit.

‘pioneering, unremitting and hardworking’ is the embodiment of a healthy mental state and a good work style, with which shougang people never retreat from a grim situation, never become intimidated by weighty difficulties, and never go around to escape their problems.

‘highly responsible, innovative and leading’ is the core content of the shougang spirit in the new period. ‘highly responsible’ represents duty, attitude and style. ‘innovative’ stands for power, method and practices. ‘leading’ indicates ambition, courage and pursuit. with the distinct characteristics of the times and profound conceptual connotations, ‘highly responsible, innovative and leading’ is the inheritance and development of ‘pioneering, unremitting and hardworking’, and they form an organic whole, reflecting the constant inheritance and innovation changing with the times.

the shougang spirit is the spiritual pillar of the shougang group, and the spiritual home of shougang people. shougang people inherit and carry forward the shougang spirit wholeheartedly, work hard and make concerted efforts, creating strong positive energy to push the shougang group forward towards its dream through constant innovation and progress.

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