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release time:2017-03-29 16:40:02

core values: shougang services, shougang brands and shougang creation

‘shougang services’ is the tenet, reflecting social value and self-value. shougang strives to be an integrated service provider, jointly create value with its customers and comprehensively improve the level and ability of its customer services.

‘shougang brands’ is the ability, indicating competitive power. shougang will actively promote the implementation of its brand strategy, cultivate shougang brand connotations with technology, quality, integrity and other elements, and enhance its popularity and reputation.

‘shougang creation’ is the source, representing the driving force of scientific development. shougang will energetically improve its independent innovation ability and management efficiency, make bold breakthroughs in institution mechanisms, management systems and technical expertise, and create characteristic experience.

under the guidance of these core values, shougang people will vigorously construct mainstream culture in order to promote the realization of our corporate vision.

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