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under the new situation of intensifying reform in all aspects, in order to develop into a globally influential and comprehensive large-sized enterprise group, the shougang group has built wholly-new capital operation platforms, upheld the combination of industry and finance, enhanced funds management, applied new financial policies and made innovations in new financial products, thereby boosting the balanced and collaborative development of the two leading industries of steel and comprehensive urban services.

the shougang group boasts rich financial resources. in 1992, it solely established the huaxia bank, which has now grown to become a nationwide stock-system bank with the shougang group remaining its no. 1 shareholder. its hong kong-registered wholly-funded investment holding company china shougang international trade & engineering corporation makes full uses of the capital market environment in hong kong and relies on other wholly-funded holding companies to develop the capital market business in a down-to-earth manner. the group has also established south china international leasing co., ltd. as its financing and leading platform.

in order to speed up the construction of its wholly-new capital operation platform, in december 2014, the group established the beijing shougang fund investment company as its industrial investment operation platform so as to give full play to its financial leverage role through establishing sub-fund units and mainly making strategic investments in infrastructure and industrial projects around the beijing-tianjin-hebei region. by holding such financial assets as business factoring, petty loans, financial guarantees and internet plus financing through the fund company, the group enriches its types of financial business. at present, its fund management scale has reached 11 varieties amounting to rmb 48 billion, including ‘beijing industrial investment fund for the beijing-tianjin-hebei integration initiative’ which was jointly established with the beijing municipal government. the fund’s ‘startup commune’ under the fund company has been leading in the times of ‘business startups and innovation’, become the largest state-level incubator and maker space in beijing, operated in the manner of ‘incubation investment bank investment startups mutual-aid community’, and developed such sub-brands as the startup office, financial service for makers, drop data, evergreen business school and 37 apartment, thereby building a startup ecological circle integrating startup office space, startup apartments, financial services, startup training, startup big data and so on, and attracting over 1,500 enterprises. shougang financial co., ltd. was established in september 2015 as the group’s comprehensive financial service platform, set a new record in the incorporation process of the sector with only 8 months from preparation to operation, realized the collection of rmb 15.5 billion in funds and reported an asset scale ranking in the top 60 in the sector and a collection rate leading among newly-established financial companies in the same year of opening. by the end of the ‘13th five-year plan’ period, the company will realize all-license operation. 

in order to guarantee the fast and healthy development of the financial sector, the group has established the shougang financial party committee to incorporate the party building of its financial company, fund company and holding or relatively holding enterprises of the fund company into overall management to give further play to the collaborative advantages of the group’s financial sector.

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