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shougang jingtang automobile realizes mass production of low carbon emission products

release time:2023-09-26 13:51:37

recently, relying on the advantages of its “full three pretreatments” (desilication, desulfurization and dephosphorization) clean steel production platform, shougang jingtang successfully realized the stable batch production of automobile steel with a 40% high scrap ratio and three-furnace continuous casting. after testing, all the indexes met the requirements, with the products achieving a comprehensive carbon reduction of more than 30%.

high scrap ratio steelmaking can effectively reduce carbon emissions in long-process steel production and effectively realize the expansion of steel products to the low-carbon field under the current background of the "dual carbon goals". shougang jingtang has always been committed to the r&d and promotion of low-carbon products, and provides high-quality green products in combination with users' demands for product quality and low-carbon emissions. with the national "dual carbon goals" policy and the shougang group's "dual carbon" medium and long-term plan as the purpose, shougang jingtang will focus on efficient, high-quality, intelligent and green manufacturing to make breakthroughs in low-carbon key core technologies, promote the r&d of superior low-carbon products and accelerate the creation of green and low-carbon technology core competitiveness.

in the process of taking the ultimate carbon reduction in the whole process as the technical core and vigorously promoting the low-carbon strategy, jingtang’s manufacturing department, steelmaking department, technology center and energy and environment department cooperated efficiently to jointly promote the process path design of high scrap ratio smelting. on the production line, the works in each process cooperate with each other to give full play to the advantages of the converter process layout. in the second quarter, many high scrap ratio tests were organized for automobile plate and pickling plate products, and a converter process scrap ratio of over 40% was reached, realizing the production of continuous and monolithic casting, as well as the ability to mass produce products with carbon emissions reduced by over 30%. in july, the smelting experiment of carbon reduction products with a higher scrap ratio was successfully carried out, and the scrap ratio of the single converter process increased to 50%. shougang jingtang’s successful high scrap ratio converter smelting marks fresh progress in reducing carbon emissions in the steelmaking process while ensuring product quality.

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