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hisense group presents shougang with "quality excellence award"

release time:2023-09-26 13:50:44

recently, the hisense group presented shougang with its "quality excellence award".

the hisense group is a well-known enterprise in china. its cooperation with shougang began in 2014. the shougang production and marketing research team has since been closely following hisense for many years, conducting high-frequency technical exchanges, continuously improving the service level, increasing the order quantity year by year and continuously optimizing the supply structure, thereby becoming the core supplier of hisense and realizing continual supply to its five major production bases. in 2022, the shougang production and marketing research team actively practiced the concept of "manufacturing service", and was recognized by the hisense group's product companies for its lean products and precise services, which further improved the hardcore competitiveness of shougang products.

strategic guidance promotes active interaction. guided by strategies and active interaction, shougang and hisense have achieved an upgrade from cooperation on a single product to all-round cooperation across products, technologies and r&d. they jointly researched the application of new materials such as zinc-aluminum-magnesium coating and the thinning of high-strength steel in the household appliance industry, and realized the batch supply of zinc-aluminum-magnesium products in the field of commercial air conditioners, thus building a higher-level and more sustainable strategic partnership.

technological upgrading helps to reduce costs. based on customer demands for reduced costs and increased efficiency, the shougang production and marketing research team continuously improves its product performance. aiming at the problems affecting product efficiency and yield, it started with the performance optimization of mature products, strictly controlled the surface quality of bare parts in commercial air conditioners and improved the yield of products, which not only better matched the characteristics of hisense's related production lines, but also promoted the steady improvement of various technical indicators and production efficiency. the effects of cost reduction have been remarkable.

customer first, attentive services. focusing on product application technologies, the shougang production and marketing research team promptly organized professionals to rush to the site of hisense to master the first-hand information, discuss the upgrading plan with engineers from hisense visual and continuously track the whole process of product stamping. hisense visual highly recognized the efforts made by shougang's service team to put customers first, cooperate efficiently and solve problems quickly. customer stickiness has been increasing.

according to the relevant information, shougang has won the "technological innovation award" of the hisense household appliances group for two consecutive years. shougang will continue to give full play to its multi-base, multi-production line and multi-product advantages, focusing on the applications of new materials, intelligent and green manufacturing, cost reduction technology and other fields. it will continuously improve its level of cooperation, realize precise docking and exquisite services between shougang's high-quality supply and hisense's high-end demand, and join hands with hisense to create a better future.

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