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shougang park shangri-la hotel and oxygen plant south area renovation project win 9th credaward real estate design awards

release time:2023-09-19 13:41:02

recently, the 9th credaward real estate design awards were unveiled. shangri-la hotel in shougang park won the gold medal and the shougang oxygen plant south area renovation project won silver medals, both in the category of "urban regeneration". this was the third time that shougang park has won credaward real estate design awards for relevant projects after the blast furnace no. 3 project of shougang park won the gold medal in the category of "public construction project" at the 6th credaward real estate design awards in 2020 and the liugonghui shopping plaza project won the gold medal in the category of "urban regeneration - social public project" at the 8th credaward real estate design awards in 2022.

shangri-la hotel is located in the core area of shougang park in beijing, adjacent to big air shougang and liugonghui shopping center, with views of the scenic areas shijingshan and qunming lake. it is a high-end characteristic industrial hotel jointly built by the shougang group and shangri-la group, and one of the "official reception hotels for the beijing 2022 winter olympic games".

designed by italian designer piero lissoni of lissoni casal ribeiro s.p.a, the hotel fully respects the value of industrial cultural and historical relics, and has carried out the all-round transformation of the original shougang power plant, preserving the precious industrial cultural characteristics and original ecological industrial style to the maximum extent. it fully displays the internal tension and rough architectural style contained in industrial relics, integrates modern chinese design elements and adheres to the "green and sustainable" concept. the entire architectural space is like a vibrant "botanical garden", making it a model of "harmonious coexistence between old and new" in contemporary hotel design and reflecting the aesthetic style of contemporary buildings.

from shougang power plant to shangri-la hotel, the vivid practices of shougang park in promoting the realization of the "four revitalizations" are presented in the transformation of time and space.

shangri-la hotel consists of three buildings: building a completely retains the architectural framework of the original shougang power plant, and the outer wall of the glass building is like a transparent feather coat wrapping a rough industrial structure and complementing the natural light; building b is an extension of the main building which consists of a banquet space, health center and children's paradise; and building c has 283 guest rooms and suites where guests can enjoy panoramic views of shijingshan, yongding river and qunming lake through floor-to-ceiling windows.

the shougang oxygen plant south area renovation project is located in the south of big air shougang, next to chang'an street and yongding river, and facing blast furnace no. 3. it has unique landscape resources and location advantages. the plot includes 16,000 reserved oxygen plants, workshop 3350, the newly built tencent performing arts center and lakeside offices and businesses.

the project was designed by hangzhou cctn architectural design co., ltd., while thupdi, china construction eighth engineering division, beijing hongshi jiaye architectural design co., ltd., maisuo lighting, beijing shougang international engineering technology co., ltd. and other units participated in the landscape design, interior decoration (soft/hard decoration), lighting and construction drawings respectively. taking the original texture of shougang's old factory area as the base map, the design complies with the dignified and upright temperament of old beijing city, and unfolds along the west extension line of chang'an street with the theme "upright". the urban design of the whole area enables chang'an street, qunming lake and the blast furnace no. 3 area to form a circulation of spatial sight lines that integrates the city and park spaces.

in the planning and design of the area, the original style was fully respected and importance was attached to the preservation of old factory buildings. the new building strives to remain coordinated with the old factory building in temperament, and blends into the original texture with a low-key and modest posture, reshaping the architectural style of the plot.

as a non-renewable building resource, industrial relics retain historical memories as much as possible. based on the principle of "less demolition and more renewal", old buildings are combined with new buildings in urban areas by means of "darning" and "sewing" to reuse old factory buildings.

in recent years, shougang park has vigorously promoted the transformation and development of traditional old industrial areas, and realized the gorgeous transformation from "industrial rust belt" to "urban show field". a number of urban transformation and renewal projects have become masterpieces in the fields of planning design and engineering construction, while also becoming increasing famous landmark landscapes of shougang park. in the future, shougang park will continue to focus on the "four revitalizations", actively plan and complete high-quality post-winter olympic games development, do a good job in the sustainable utilization of industrial heritage and winter olympics heritage, build the shougang highland of the international center for science & technology innovation and the shougang fulcrum of beijing, a central city in international consumption, lead and drive the high-quality development of the region, and make every effort to build a new landmark of urban revitalization which is undertaken "together for a shared future".

the credaward real estate design awards is a comprehensive design awards event. central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private traditional real estate development owners, government agencies, brand owners, various platform owners and top design institutions in the world gather together to jointly promote the development of the ecological chain and design improvement within the industry. this year, a total of 853 works were declared by 309 institutions from 17 countries and regions including china, japan, the united states, united kingdom, australia, germany, france, spain, italy and south korea. after a careful selection process, three projects won gold medals and four won silver medals in the category of "urban renewal". launched in 2014 as international design awards in the real estate industry, the credaward real estate design awards initiates design selection from the perspective of real estate and selects outstanding projects that represent the prevailing trends of the real estate industry from the perspective of design. after many years, its grand prizes have grown into some of the most influential and appealing international awards in china due to its high-quality lineup of judges, rigorous selection process, open selection mode and strict award-winning mechanism.

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