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shougang zhixin qian’an electromagnetic material co., ltd. empowers high-quality development with technological innovation

release time:2023-09-19 13:38:46

shougang zhixin qian’an electromagnetic material co., ltd. (“shougang zhixin electromagnetic”) insists on tilling fertile soil for innovation and empowering high-quality development. driving comprehensive innovation through technological innovation, it continuously improves the core competitiveness of shougang's electrical steel, strives to be the leading supplier in subdivided fields and unswervingly promotes technological innovation, providing shougang with its foremost competitiveness. in the first half of the year, the output and sales volume of shougang's electrical steel reached 54.4% and 52.2% of the annual budget respectively, and the output of non-oriented high-grade products, new energy products and oriented electrical steel products increased by 14%, 59% and 39% on a year-on-year basis respectively. many indicators and units have reached new peaks in history.

shougang zhixin electromagnetic is a national high-tech enterprise and a single champion enterprise of the ministry of industry and information technology in the manufacturing industry. since its establishment, it has always insisted that science and technology are the foundation of survival and innovation is the road for development. it has participated in the formulation of 29 national, industry and group standards, has been granted 224 patents in total and has won two metallurgical science and technology awards, one science and technology award in beijing city, one metallurgical science and technology award in hebei province, and five science and technology awards in hebei province in total.

in recent years, shougang zhixin electromagnetic has strengthened its strategic self-confidence, maintained its strategic strength and grasped its strategic initiative, always placing technological innovation in the most prominent position.

focusing on special research and on-site management, it has created ten innovation studios covering product r&d, process development and electrical automation. its scientific research atmosphere is strong, its scientific research team is growing and its scientific and technological innovation position is continuously being consolidated. at present, each team has carried out more than 40 technical research projects to tackle key problems, successfully filling a number of industry gaps and providing a strong guarantee for product r&d, process technology upgrading, product quality improvement and smooth and stable operation. the top-level design of empowering high-quality development through shougang zhixin's innovation has been continuously strengthened, the mechanism and the system have been gradually improved, and the development path has become clearer.

since the beginning of this year, shougang zhixin electromagnetic has engaged in intensive cultivation towards its high-quality development goal. the six-stand cold continuous rolling mill, the core unit of the first specialized production line of electrical steel for the driving motors of new energy vehicles in the world, has successfully broken through many difficult problems in the continuous rolling process of high-silicon products through team research and repeated trials, and its monthly output has increased by 240% compared with its previous highest level. it gives full play to the advantages of a consistent quality management mechanism, efficient organization and accurate control to improve both the quantity and quality of its products. the yields of its two high-grade new energy products have increased by 4.1% and 1.7% respectively, providing strong support for the increasing the quantity of high-end products and continuously consolidating the leading advantages of shougang's electrical steel for new energy vehicles in the industry. at present, shougang's new energy products have been steadily supplied to eight of the top 10 global new energy vehicle sales enterprises, and fully covered the top 10 new energy vehicle sales enterprises in china. one out of every three new energy vehicles in china is equipped with a "shougang core"!

shougang zhixin electromagnetic seeks greater improvement in development and constantly explores new models, cultivates new advantages and makes new achievements in promoting the construction of key strategic projects. it took 637 days to build the first 100% thin specification high magnetic induction oriented electrical steel production line in the world and put it into production five months ahead of schedule, setting a new record for the shortest construction period among similar projects in the steel and iron industry.

at the same time, shougang's two oriented electrical steel products, 15sqf1250 and 23sqgd085ls, were launched for the first time in the world. they quickly attracted widespread attention with their advanced design concept and excellent comprehensive performance, and injected brand-new kinetic energy into the transformation of china's energy structure and the promotion of the peak carbon and carbon neutrality goals. the application of zhixin electromagnetic products has achieved full coverage in the field of uhv transmission, ranking in the first echelon of transformer material suppliers in the world. the products are also widely used in fields such as "double million" uhv transformers, high-efficiency and energy-saving distribution transformers, and so on, and shougang zhixin electromagnetic has become the main supplier of transformer materials for baihetan hydropower station and wudongde hydropower station.

shougang insists on winning the electrical steel market with excellent quality, casting the brand with precise services, adhering to the business philosophy of "market-oriented, customer-centered and benefit-centered", and taking customer satisfaction as the only standard for measuring the quality of its products and services. by maintaining high-frequency, high-quality and "two-way" visits and exchanges with upstream and downstream customers, we can grasp the pulse of the industry, capture market opportunities, perceive customer needs and transform the development trend of upstream industries and the "pain points" in the development of downstream users into the foothold and power point of the "production, marketing, research, study and application" team. shougang gives full play to the resource advantages of its technology center and silicon steel technology innovation center, realizes the integration and promotion of material development and application technology, and resonates at the same frequency to make product r&d more focused, accurate and efficient. through the evi early intervention cooperation mechanism and "marketing plus technology" dual representative service mechanism, efficient and close technical exchange, quick business response and efficient production organization with users of new energy vehicles can be realized to meet their personalized and diversified project needs. new energy products are focused on customers' personalized demand points. by studying the magnetic performance control mechanism, optimizing the production process, overcoming the production difficulties of high alloy, iteratively upgrading on the basis of products previously launched for the first time in the world and successfully developing two new products with high added value to fill gaps in the industry, shougang further enhances its profitability, industry position and voice in subdivided fields, and adds brand-new growth poles for the high-quality development of its electrical steel. in order to meet the differentiated needs of world-renowned automobile companies, two routes and five technical schemes were formulated, and innovative and leading technical research and high-frequency trial production on many production lines were carried out. shougang zhixin electromagnetic continues to polish the "golden business card" of shougang's electrical steel with its high-level technological innovation capability, super-first-class process control level and efficient and accurate service concept.

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