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official opening of jingtang terminal's “bulk cargo-steel” general berth

release time:2023-09-13 13:35:30

recently, the “jinbin express 169” successfully berthed at the “bulk cargo-steel” general berth, marking that jingtang terminal has the capacity to load three finely ground power vessels at the same time.

finely ground powder, as a building material for the reuse of production waste, is a key project for jingtang to increase value and create efficiency. in recent years, the transportation department of jingtang has continuously optimized the closed loading process of finely ground powder and overcome the bottleneck of clean transportation. the on-site operating environment has been continuously improved, creating conditions for the smooth and stable delivery of finely ground powder. at the beginning of this year, the transportation department cooperated with the circular economy center to actively strive for surplus gas in blast furnaces and increase the production capacity of finely ground powder, helping the company reduce costs and increase efficiency. facing an increasingly serious shortage of bulk cargo berths, the transportation department coordinated with dunshi building materials, the circular economy center and social resources, carried out research in the four aspects of port resources, transport capacity organization, plan management and berth optimization, conducted the on-site investigation and comprehensive evaluation of steel and bulk cargo resources, and successfully built a “bulk cargo-steel” general berth to realize the optimal allocation of marine cargo and berth resources. the successful operation of this general berth will comprehensively improve the berth utilization rate and ship turnover rate of jingtang terminal, and effectively promote the flexible delivery of finished products and bulk cargo, thus further enhancing its operating capacity and market influence.

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