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"food" is wonderful and everyone wants to find "good tastes"

release time:2023-09-13 13:33:42


when people come to the shougang park ciftis to wander the various exhibition halls, their biggest demand is to eat. on the first day of the public open day, dining and leisure brought visitors a new experience!

at the venue of the shougang park ciftis, the reporter saw scenes of dining areas, food trolleys and catering stalls featuring time-honored brands, which further expanded the outdoor space and increased the amount of meal choices and number of seats. more parasols and open-air tables and chairs had been added beside each exhibition hall, making it more convenient for visitors to drink and relax at any time. under the parasols outside the venue, people drank coffee and ate ice creams. the atmosphere was leisurely and comfortable. three children aged seven or eight dipped their french fries in ketchup and said, "let's eat quickly, then go to visit the metaverse paradise."

how can you not feel the characteristics of shougang when you are in the atmosphere of the integration of modern exhibitions and industrial relics in shougang park? several young people drank shougang soda in front of the mobile sales point "shougang taste", saying, "it's really cool!" they said that they usually love to drink shougang soda, and they all have their favorite flavors: some like the litchi flavor while others love the blackcurrant flavor, and it is recognized that "the most classic flavor is orange flavor". a girl in han chinese clothing bought shougang soda. she first took out her mobile phone and took pictures of the bottle before drinking it. she told the reporter, "my classmates recommended me to drink shougang soda when i came to shougang park!" according to liu yingchi, project manager of the shougang park service tea ganger project, on the first day of ciftis, over rmb 10,000 was earned at a single "shougang taste" mobile sales point on the north side of hall 3 in just one hour in the morning. the taste of shougang is sought after by everyone, which stems from people's interest in and exploration of shougang's history. a retired shougang employee said, "when drinking shougang soda, i can relive the taste of the steel city in summers of the past, which is very nostalgic."

besides shougang soda, blast furnace ice cream is also the "standard configuration" in shougang park. on sunday, the second day after the opening of ciftis, two young girls came in from the south entrance and went straight to the "shougang taste" mobile sales point. "we quickly bought cultural and creative ice creams as soon as we entered the scene for fear that they would be sold out." they took a photo with their distinctive blast furnace ice creams before eating them. the network speed of shougang park is so fast that they sent photos by sms within their circle of friends. next, they were going to visit the cultural tourism exhibition hall and financial services exhibition hall, and then they planned to walk around shougang park, see the new landmarks of industrial culture, winter olympic culture and innovative culture in the capital, and find out if the real blast furnaces were the same as the cultural and creative ice creams.

"so many delicious things are really fragrant!" following the attractive fragrance and people's cheerful footsteps, the reporter came to the dining area of the shougang park ciftis. there were chain brands such as xiabu, mcdonald's and starbucks, as well as featured time-honored brands such as huguo temple snacks, qingfeng buns and tongchunyuan; there were all kinds of delicious foods such as wontons, rice noodles, soup, kebabs, fried chicken, milk tea, hamburgers, steaks, pizza and so on everywhere. everyone said that there were too many choices and they wanted to try everything.

on a round table of four, there was cola chicken, braised pork rice, fried chicken breast, spiced bones and coconut water. the host said humorously, "our family came to the shougang park ciftis to hold a family dinner party." in front of the time-honored muslim dining stall, a young boy with a camera carried a bowl of fried tripe and chewed slowly. he told the reporter that when he and his girlfriend traveled to beijing, ciftis was being held in shougang park, so they included visiting the exhibition in their itinerary. the fried tripe was their favorite taste. "i just want to eat this. the taste is very good. i’m greatly satisfied!"

the visitors scanned the shougang park ciftis with their taste buds for all kinds of gourmet signs. for many exhibitors, time is efficiency and eating must be convenient and quick. an exhibitor from jd.com bought a bowl of hot noodles with sesame paste for rmb 18. "i deliberately chose food without soup or water so i could quickly return to the booth to receive visitors after eating." several exhibitors from intellectual property service enterprises told the reporter that the average amount for a person to eat here was rmb 20 to 30, the food was clean and the price was not expensive. "we usually buy lunch at work for this price, so the food and drink at the shougang park ciftis is quite affordable."

it is reported that the commercial and catering facilities at ciftis this year were more perfect compared with previous years. merchants in the park could provide diversified consumption such as catering, accommodation, sightseeing and experience. people could find a cafe within five minutes, a restaurant within ten minutes and a restaurant for dinner within 15 minutes by foot from any point in shougang park. many "fan" merchants and visitors who participated in the exhibition and visited shougang park ciftis for three consecutive years told the reporter, "there are more restaurants and more choices this year. you can choose whatever you want." if there are special circumstances and food and drink are urgently needed, some food stalls could even deliver food and drink to the rest area at the entrance of the venue for increased convenience. in addition, the catering operators also felt the development confidence brought by ciftis. a catering merchant who managed american fried chicken in the dining area between hall 10 and hall 11 said that the location should be paid attention to when doing business. the catering area could be seen when one came in from the north entrance of shougang park, and there were many visitors in the adjacent telecommunications, computer and information services special exhibition area. "the location here is superior, the flow rate of visitors is high, our business is good and we have also made a brand."

business opportunities, information and food add radiance and beauty to each other, and the happy atmosphere of the shougang park ciftis brought people more good experiences.

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