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a future journey belonging to the metaverse

release time:2023-09-11 13:21:33

during ciftis this year, the metaverse experience center in hall 10 of shougang park was fully opened for the first time after its transformation and upgrading. every area full of innovative technologies and equipment and immersive experience spaces embodied the charm of science and technology, and visitors came to experience them in an endless stream.

version 3.0 of the shougang park ciftis was launched this year. as a star exhibition area, the metaverse experience center in hall 10 has also been transformed, upgraded and adjusted into four areas, namely the innovation publishing hall, 3d digital art museum, metaverse game hall and metaverse safety education theme hall. the latest technologies of more than 20 leading metaverse enterprises in beijing were gathered in the exhibition hall. efforts were made to build an underlying technology source and iterative innovation platform of the metaverse, as well as an original starting place of new scenes, new formats and new models.

entering the innovation publishing hall, the reporter was struck by the hyper-realistic digital person with an intelligent interactive system. pressing the microphone, visitors could start "unbounded" dialogue mode with them. "if it can be popularized, it will be of great help, especially to an aging society. i really didn't expect the high technology that i once looked up to really enter into the homes of ordinary people", said ms. liu from mentougou with great excitement.

the interactive experiences in other areas of hall 10 were also unforgettable. the digital art museum relied on light and shadow reconstruction technology to create an immersive art space that integrated sound, light and electricity, and made people feel as though they were in a digital magic kingdom. more than 10 immersive human-computer interactive games were launched in the metaverse game hall. visitors could feel the "new species" of the metaverse combining virtuality and reality in an immersive experience, and foresee the infinite possibilities of the digital world. on the other hand, the metaverse safety education science popularization museum displayed various climate disasters in many directions through large screens, blowers, projectors, 3d, vibration platforms and other equipment and technical means, enabling experiencers to feel and learn how to avoid risks and escape correctly, and learn safety knowledge from virtual experience that could be used in the real world.

"the metaverse experience center in hall 10 and hall 11 displays the contents of the themed pavilions of communication and digital technology, and they are both special exhibitions of telecommunications, computer and information services (ict)." he qionghua, the person in charge of the ict exhibition at ciftis, told the reporter that china mobile, china unicom, china telecom, china broadnet and china tower had gathered together for the first time in hall 11 to bring 6g forward-looking technology, the tiantong satellite system, blindness guide and obstacle avoidance bracelet, etc. to the exhibition, which fully demonstrated the development status of the tri-network integration industry in china. in addition, the special innovative achievements such as quantum measurement and control, artificial intelligence and digital medical treatment that were exhibited in the halls, as well as hotspots in the next generation of the internet and consumer electronics industry, became eye-catching business cards for the development of the digital economy in beijing.

from intelligent interaction with hyper-realistic digital people to the immersive charm of digital art, and then to the practical knowledge of safety education in the metaverse, the special ict exhibition of shougang park brought a cutting-edge metaverse experience and multi-dimensional scientific and technological interaction to the public, showing us the deep empowerment of science and technology on life and highlighting the perfect combination between science and technology and life at ciftis this year.

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