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shougang park blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise debuts at ciftis, bringing an immersive interactive sci-fi experience

release time:2023-09-11 13:18:25

virtual digital people replicating real people in a 1:1 proportion guided visitors around the exhibition hall as the cool neon lights complemented the rocket launch art installation to stage a grand light and shadow show in the century-old factory building, creating a mysterious atmosphere. major science and technology companies such as virtual kaka, boe innovation center, cyzone, china mobile, zte, enlightxr, gigabyte, aoxueruishi, etc. launched experience projects in the shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise, deeply attracting tourists to participate and share the experience. the novel feeling made people linger, immersed in virtuality and reality, and participants thousands of miles apart joined hands to transcend their spatial limitations in the same metaverse dreamland.

on september 2nd, the five-day 2023 china international fair for trade in services ("ciftis") kicked off at shougang park and the china national convention center. this is the third year of cooperation between beijing danghong qitian international culture development co., ltd. and ciftis, and the first year of deep cooperation. as an innovative service feature display experience area, the group project shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise upgraded the immersive science fiction interactive experience in the metaverse and presented the latest achievements of the science fiction industry cluster area.

at this year’s ciftis, beijing danghong qitian international culture development co., ltd. brought the largest "exhibit" to the exhibition, namely the shougang blast furnace no.1 soreal science fiction paradise. virtual reality technology, large space positioning technology, 5g cloud computing, intelligent interactive technology, future light and shadow show, display of digital virtual people, etc. bloomed between steel structures with century-old industrial building textures. from the underlying technology to the upper applications, they led the audience to appreciate a series of future intelligent life and entertainment scenes of digital empowerment, highlighted the inheritance and innovation of century-old industrial relics in the new era, and displayed china's latest achievements in such aspects as the science fiction industry, scientific and technological innovation, and digital and real integration.

jiang hui, the former director of shougang blast furnace no.1, said, "i’m deeply impressed to see the brand-new look of the blast furnace. china's scientific and technological strength has made the old factory turn around and glow with new life. however, what moves me even more is how so many historical shadows are still vivid, and how the ties between the past and present have been preserved as much as possible. as a shougang person, this respect for historical sites has moved me deeply."

the second floor area of 33metaclub was composed of a large-space vr competition exhibition area and large-space vr competition experience area. for tourists who reserved tickets, a large-space vr competition exhibition was arranged for fixed times per hour. at the same time, it was divided into separate experiences for specific guest groups to experience large-space vr competitions on the spot.

the r&d director of beijing danghong qitian international culture development co., ltd. said, "this is the first time we’ve appeared at the shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise of ciftis and demonstrated soreal's 5g xr technology, using 5g technology to access the metaverse world so that players thousands of miles apart can experience collaborative battles or the joint exploration of different places. the game king's action is a large-space vr competitive event which adopts brand-new visual positioning technology to accurately capture the player's mobile space in real time, achieving the breakthrough of "multi-player battles in a large space for thousands of square meters" for the first time. six players wearing experience equipment form two teams to cover, communicate and cooperate with each other as they compete with firearms after entering the virtual world. they can not only feel the tension and excitement brought by the battle in an illusory environment, but also kill each other and win by running freely and dodging over the whole field. 5g edge computing operation technology is adopted in the project to remove the need for players to carry heavy equipment and allow them to wear only a portable vr headset display to stay in the virtual world of the metaverse, which greatly improves the operability and convenience of the project, and gives vr games large-scale promotion and social contact attributes.

a professional visitor said, "i was very lucky to book a ticket to visit soreal paradise. it shocked me very much as though i had really entered a future time and space. in particular, the technology of fighting across provinces and places makes me look forward to the blockbuster appearance of the soreal science fiction paradise."

at present, the shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal science fiction paradise has entered its final construction stage, and the first international cultural science and technology paradise combining xr technology with industrial relics in the world is about to land in the "science fiction city". as a typical format of the chinese sci-fi industry, the soreal science fiction paradise creates a benchmark application scenario for the field of sci-fi cultural tourism, provides sci-fi industry innovation practices with a new generation of scientific and technological strength, and builds a closed loop of the sci-fi industry around technology r&d, content creation, real-scene landing, commercial operation and so on, consolidating its leading position as a "model room" in the metaverse and national new infrastructure "laboratory". at the same time, it constantly breaks through key core technologies, builds a sci-fi innovation platform, cultivates innovative sci-fi talents and constructs a national sci-fi innovation highland.

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