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shougang park blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise to be unveiled at ciftis

release time:2023-09-01 08:56:55

the 2023 ciftis will be held at the china convention center and shougang park from september 2nd to 6th. shougang park blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise will serve as an innovative service feature display experience area providing tourists with the latest achievements in an immersive meta-universe space and science fiction industry cluster area, and building a beautiful ecological circle of "science and technology business".

blast furnace no. 1 is located in jin'an science fiction square in the north area of shougang park, and is separated from blast furnace no. 3, the online celebrity punch card place of shougang park by qunming lake street. in september 1919, construction commenced on the first blast furnace of shijingshan refinery (the predecessor of shougang). in 1923, construction was forced to stop due to a shortage of funds. in 1938, blast furnace no. 1 was rebuilt and started production on november 20th of the same year. shougang produced molten iron for the first time in its history, with a daily output of just about 100 tons. on december 17th, 1948, shijingshan steelworks was liberated. in the early days of its liberation, the workers of the steelworks fought day and night to resume production. on june 26th, 1949, the first furnace of molten iron after resuming production flowed out of blast furnace no. 1. in 1951, china attached great importance to the overhaul of blast furnace no. 1 and mobilized 748 technical backbones from more than ten brother enterprises in china to participate in the construction, setting a new national record for repairing the same type of blast furnace of 53 days. in 1993, blast furnace no. 1 was relocated to its current location for expansion and renovation, with an effective volume expanding from 576 m3 to 2,536 m3. on august 9th, 1994, the new blast furnace no. 1 was put into operation.

nowadays, as the first fully immersive science fiction complex in the world that integrates culture, science and technology, entertainment and consumption, jointly built by shougang group co., ltd. and beijing danghong qitian international culture development co., ltd., blast furnace no. 1 utilizes 5g xr technology to revitalize century-old historical and cultural sites. covering an area of about 20,000 m2, the project mainly includes five parts: xr science and technology park, 33metaclub-e-sports comprehensive hall, science and technology exhibition hall, galaxy art museum and comprehensive supporting facilities. through an extensive layout of cutting-edge technologies such as 5g, edge computing and virtual reality, it includes future science and technology parks, intelligent sports activities, themed show fields, art exhibitions, experiential commerce and other formats, presenting all sectors of society with unique cutting-edge technology application scenarios and characteristics at the new consumer experience center of blast furnace no. 1.

blast furnace no. 1 is one of the most historic industrial heritage sites in shougang park. on the basis of preserving the original structures of the blast furnaces and styles of the industrial buildings to the maximum extent, we are committed to building a cultural tourism destination of science and technology industrial heritage by implanting diversified innovative projects, including vr museums, immersive science and technology shows, immersive theaters, vr man-machine battle games, vr e-sports, winter olympic games intelligent sports product experience zone, characteristic commodity zone, future light and shadow interaction restaurant, holographic light and shadow interaction bar, etc. after the project is fully opened for operation, it will become an international cultural and technological park combining meta-universe immersive science fiction interactive offline entrance, cutting-edge technology and industrial heritage.

in order to provide users with the ultimate interactive experience featuring more realistic graphics, smoother operation, more agile actions and more unrestricted venues, blast furnace no. 1 actively creates 5g new infrastructure application scenarios and lays out 5g edge computing solutions. in the expansive walking and multi-person immersive vr interactive experience project, visitors can easily explore the virtual world by only wearing a portable vr head display, and the ultra-high-speed and low-latency 5g technology will treat them to immersive visual effects. blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise is also the first cultural tourism project to use a "5g and computing network" to realize a new scene of vr interaction in wide area and large space, thereby building an "unbounded" metaverse.

blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise attracts young consumers to "travel in the world" in a fully immersive and sensory way, perceive the large world and realize "real presence" in virtual space. adding both scientific and technological advantages and traffic advantages, and combining multiple functions such as shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment and cultural display, it aims to create a unique new consumption scene of the digital economy.

according to the known information, as the exhibition experience area with innovative service features of cstd, all the work at blast furnace no. 1 is being accelerated in an orderly manner, with the exhibition conditions expected to be met before the end of august.

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