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“solidly and meticulously provide service support with a higher standard and careful organization”

release time:2023-09-01 08:55:01

on august 25th, leading shougang group officials zhao minge, qiu yinfu, hu xiongguang and liang jie visited the ciftis areas in shougang park for an on-site inspection and investigation.

zhao minge and the other leading officials visited shougang park coke oven no. 4 north road, the south entrance hall, repair workshop conference room, silo conference room, hall 8, hall 9, hall 10, blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise, shougang park operation service center and other places for a field inspection and investigation. they carefully checked the newly built roads, parking lot settings, environmental greening, etc. everywhere they went, they inquired in detail about the operation arrangements and service support during ciftis, and told everyone to keep improving and complete all the work with a high sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, and a solid and meticulous working style.

at the scene of the south entrance hall, zhao minge listened to a report by the relevant responsible person in combination with the exhibition board of the pedestrian and vehicle flow diagram for the ciftis areas, inquired about the traffic flow lines, entrance and exit settings, parking and transfer routes, catering booth settings and number of toilets inside and outside the red line during ciftis one by one. he urged everyone to be guided by convenient services, improve the shuttle bus stations in time, rationally allocate locations for catering, trash cans, toilets and other facilities, and ensure accurate and clear guidance and navigation maps for people and vehicles, thus making it easy for tourists to understand them and achieving the utmost level of service support.

zhao minge emphasized that ciftis is a major event in china, so it is necessary to further improve its political position, stand at the height of serving the overall work of the party and country, serve and integrate into the development pattern of the capital in the new era, and do a good job in service support for ciftis with higher standards, higher requirements and higher quality. all services should be taken into consideration from the perspective of tourists and exhibitors so as to provide guests with a more thoughtful, meticulous, convenient and comfortable service experience, and reflect the level of “shougang services” in the nuances.

zhao minge stressed that it is necessary to ensure careful organization, lose no time, pay attention to improving the details, strengthen the overall planning, promote the efficient and orderly development of all tasks, and focus on the implementation of one thing at a time in order to achieve daily completion and summary, as well as strictly implementing the fire safety work to ensure that everything is in order.

zhao minge and other leading officials of the group also visited the international talent community, big air shougang and other sites where they put forward specific requirements for project construction and service support.

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