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shougang makes every effort to ensure smooth traffic in shougang park for ciftis by strengthening traffic management support

release time:2023-09-01 08:51:26

the 2023 china international fair for trade in services (ciftis) is ushering in its countdown to being held in shougang park, beijing from september 2nd to 6th. the ciftis exhibition areas will comprehensively enhance the convenience and comfort of participating in the fair. recently, our reporter visited the park to investigate the new measures for strengthening traffic management support.

led by shao lizheng, deputy general manager of beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd., the reporter entered the main road of qunming lake street where the traffic signs for ciftis venues and parking lots were clear and eye-catching.

shao lizheng explained that in order to make road traffic more efficient, shougang added, supplied and improved 420 traffic guiding signs for this year's ciftis. to meet the parking needs of exhibitors and citizens visiting the exhibition, the park will provide over 6,800 parking spaces. in order to facilitate the green travel of exhibitors and visitors, ciftis has set up a special shuttle bus line from gucheng metro to the north login hall of ciftis and from the p2 parking lot for social vehicles to the north entrance hall of ciftis to provide shuttle bus services for the public. there are 125 electric shuttle buses for line a (exhibition hall line) and line b (conference line) in the red line area of ciftis. line a circulates from hall 4 to hall 14, while line b circulates from the north entrance hall to the south entrance hall.

according to the ciftis guidebook, there are five entrance halls in ciftis this year, namely the south entrance hall (near the shougang factory east gate square in the north of shijingshan road), southwest entrance hall (near the desulfurization workshop in qunming lake street), northwest entrance hall (in the south of blast furnace no. 4), west exit of the north entrance hall (blast furnace no. 1 square) and east exit of the north entrance hall (near hall 10 of ciftis).

it is understood that from september 2nd to 6th, from 7:00 to 18:00 every day, vehicles and pedestrians are prohibited from the intersection of beixin'an road and blast furnace no. 2 south road (not inclusive) in the east to west direction to the intersection of qunming lake street and blast furnace no. 2 south road (not inclusive). vehicles and pedestrians can reroute via beixin'an road, shijingshan road and guangning road.

shao lizheng told reporters that shougang park is hosting ciftis special exhibitions, forums, conferences and other activities for the third consecutive time this year. in order to effectively implement the work requirements of the executive committee of ciftis and do a good job in traffic management support, the shougang group party committee attaches great importance to ensuring comprehensive service support to the highest standards.

first, they have integrated all parking resources in the park, set up a parking service support team for the 2023 ciftis, fully studied the traffic characteristics of ciftis this year and completed the preparation of the support plan. second, focusing on the parking support needs of ciftis, they have also offered various types of parking support and completed equipment debugging, applet development and standardized training for managers; completed 27 emergency drills in the parking lot; made special arrangements for the management of the p3 parking lot, planned the driving route in its new entrance area and adjusted and optimized its internal guiding signs; and tested the navigation of parking lots in the park and communicated with the traffic control department and navigation company for its improvement. third, careful services will help ciftis to be held with high quality. more than 90 personnel will be deployed to maintain the order of each parking lot, with 50 personnel maintaining public transportation order in the north area. during ciftis, high-quality parking support services will be provided according to high standards. fourth, the ioc construction of the smart operation center has been promoted, a comprehensive perception system of shougang park established and the comprehensive monitoring and perception of the running status of the park realized. the linkage of security and protection, dynamic and static traffic, pedestrian flow heat and other functions have been centralized to realize pedestrian flow detection in the park, obtain live monitoring information according to dense points and link traffic security departments to dispatch traffic management information according to real-time traffic data, congestion analysis (road speed/congestion duration) and parking lot saturation analysis, thereby ensuring smooth traffic operation and orderly parking guidance in the park. meanwhile, the ioc of the park will exchange information with government functional departments such as the traffic management bureau and public security bureau to realize information sharing and collaborative operation.

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