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shougang youth go to fangshan district to support post-disaster reconstruction

release time:2023-08-31 08:59:45

in order to actively respond to the call of the beijing communist youth league committee and implement the requirements of the shougang group party committee, the shougang group party committee organization department and youth league committee dispatched 23 young employees to assemble the shougang youth commandos and carry out post-disaster reconstruction such as dredging in dongzhuangzi village of hebei town, fangshan district, which has been seriously affected by the disaster, thereby embodying the responsibilities and duties of shougang youth with practical actions.

at 7:20 a.m. on august 20th, the shougang youth commandos assembled on time and rushed to dongzhuangzi village to support the post-disaster reconstruction. ding lei, deputy secretary of the beijing communist youth league committee, visited the shougang youth commandos at the disaster site and gave a mobilization speech. after receiving the safety training and fully understanding the precautions, the shougang youth commandos were full of energy and high morale, and went deep into the homes of the affected villagers with shovels. everyone worked together with an orderly division of labor and carefully cleaned the mud away inch by inch.

“in the eyes of youth, there is no such word as ‘difficulties’, and in the language of youth, there is no such word as ‘obstacles’.” in the face of the stinky mud with a thickness of 40 centimeters, the commandos remained calm and cooperated with each other, carefully cleaning each spot with shovel and cart one after another. because of the narrow roads, large-scale machinery and equipment were unable to enter the sites. everyone carried debris such as stones, trees and other sundries by hand. unconsciously, sweat had already soaked the clothes of the youth, and there was no time for them to wipe away the sweat from their foreheads. drops of sweat soaked into the soil, leaving behind the footprint of the shougang group on land rebuilt after the disaster.

when discussing his original intention behind joining the commandos, bai haotian, a young worker from beijing shougang construction investment co., ltd., said, “the rainstorm brought serious natural disasters, and whenever i saw the news, i always thought about what i could do for the disaster-hit area. when i learned that the shougang group was going to organize the youth commandos to go to the disaster-hit area of fangshan district and carry out flood control and disaster relief, i signed up immediately.” tian xiaonan from the cold rolling department of shougang jingtang united iron & steel co., ltd. and bian jianxun from beijing shougang machinery & electric co., ltd. said that they should inherit and carry forward the spirit of the shougang group, fear no hardship or fatigue and contribute their own strength to the affected villagers, helping them to rebuild their homes and resume normal life as soon as possible.

as of august 22nd, the shougang youth commandos had completed the dredging of 11 courtyards, more than 20 rooms and more than 370 m2, clearing about 2,500 kg of silt and sundries, and transporting more than 200 pieces of furniture. the actions of the shougang youth commandos have received unanimous praise from local villagers.

the youth of shougang, regardless of hardship and fatigue, support the post-disaster recovery in fangshan district with a high sense of responsibility and mission, helping the villagers to resume normal life as soon as possible and winning the tough battle of flood control and disaster relief.

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