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first ips carnival digital tide play licensing conference held in shougang park

release time:2023-08-14 08:35:35

from july 14th to 16th, the first "ips carnival" digital tide play licensing conference was held in shougang park. over 300 exhibitors from all over the world gathered in shougang park, offering a feast for "card lovers" and "acg lovers".

entering the shougang exhibition and convention center, reporters were infected by the warm atmosphere of communication, display and transaction. the venue of about 20,000 m2 gathered various cards, such as star cards, tcg cards, film and tv cards, hand-painted cards and self-made cards. at the same time, visitors could interact closely with cartoon characters in exquisite role-playing costumes in the anime exhibition hall and enjoy the fun of "acg".

it is reported that the 2023 "ips carnival" digital tide play licensing conference was divided into the tcgshow card exhibition, hobbygame board game exhibition, mland tide culture festival, icos anime festival, model toys and other sections, gathering the whole industrial chain of cards, board games and tide play. at the exhibition site, three professional card game events with a scale of 1,000 people were held. professional rating agencies also provided card rating services on site.

wei yao, deputy director of the certification center of the capital 九游会j9官网 copyright society and vice chairman of the card tide play industry ecology alliance, explained to reporters why shougang park was chosen as the venue of the carnival: on the one hand, as a century-old industrial site, it has a unique local style and architectural landscape that integrates culture and history, and this meets the site selection criteria of the ips carnival organizing committee; on the other, the shougang exhibition and convention center is the venue of the china international fair for trade in services and has the conditions for holding large-scale exhibitions with complete facilities and high security.

mr. wang from haidian told reporters, "there are now many activities in shougang park. i often bring my children to play here. today, i happened to see the card and anime exhibition, so i brought my children to have a look. i didn't expect such a lively scene. there are pokémon, altman, dragon ball… many card ips made me feel as if i, in middle age, had been transported back to my childhood."

to attract more tourists this year, shougang park will hold regular activities such as the first exhibition and first show according to the goal of "holding an activity every week". more than 200 activities are expected to be held throughout the year to provide citizens with more "micro vacation" options.

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