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"digital night" ar night scene show in shougang park lights up the pulse of the city

release time:2023-08-14 08:56:28

on july 4th, big air shougang, the "blessed land of double gold medals", was presented brilliantly on the big screen at the opening ceremony of the 2023 global digital economy conference, once again attracting global attention towards shougang park.

as night fell and the lights turned on, shougang park was brightly lit, and industrial heritage such as big air shougang, blast furnaces and silos shone in the light. an image embodying the integration of industrial heritage and modern elements, as well as historical precipitation and the natural landscape, was displayed to the world, highlighting the unique charm of this new landmark in the revival of the capital city in the new era. during the 2023 global digital economy conference, this was the big scene in which "digital night" lit up the pulse of the city.

the 2023 global digital economy conference positioned "digital night" to light up the pulse of beijing for the first time. the ceremony of lighting up the pulse of the city began at landmarks in beijing, lhasa, singapore and other places to open the conference. from july 4th to 7th, night scene shows of ar (augmented reality) technology were launched at five sites in the east, west, south, north and center of beijing, namely shougang park, qianmen, tongzhou grand canal, olympic tower and daxing international airport. these five sites represented different technologies, fields and application scenarios, and respectively interpreted the themed concepts of this conference such as digital intelligence, growth rate, innovation, empowerment and aggregation.

with the sole exception of daxing international airport, the experience areas of shougang park, qianmen, tongzhou grand canal and olympic tower were open to all citizens as excellent places to visit and experience the ar show. the theme of the ar show in shougang park was the process of moving from traditional industry towards the science fiction industry metaverse. if a citizen stood in front of the experience area of shougang park and held up his mobile phone with brightly lit big air shougang on the screen, elements such as falling snowflakes and skiers in heroic postures would be added to the live display. citizens could download migu video, choose ar and experience the ar night scene show on the northwest side of qunming lake at big air shougang.

in the process of the collision of old industry and new fashion, shougang park has changed from a heavy industry base to a base of emerging industries such as cultural creation, science fiction and sports, as well as receiving new vitality from digital twin technology. finally, through the application of the metaverse world and vr exploration, elements such as sound, optics, nature, science and technology, and interactivity were brought together to show the future exploration of the industrial metaverse world under the theme “dreamworks”.

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