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many shougang products win "golden cup" awards in 2022

release time:2023-08-01 09:13:43

a few days ago, the china iron and steel association released the list of products for the physical quality brand cultivation of metallurgical products in 2022, and many products of beijing shougang co., ltd. (shougang), shougang jingtang united iron & steel co., ltd. (shougang jingtang), shougang changzhi iron & steel co., ltd. (shougang changzhi) and shougang tonggang limited company (shougang tonggang) were named "golden cup excellent products" and "golden cup high-quality products" respectively.

shougang's "cold rolled oriented steel strip (sheet) 20sqgd070", "continuously hot rolled steel strip for cold rolled electroplating tin mr-t4" and "cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel strip (sheet) 50swh470"; shougang jingtang's "cold rolled low-carbon steel plate and strip for enamel dc06ek (stc1)", "continuously annealed online secondary cold rolled tinplate mrdr-7ca, mrdr-8mca and th550" and "continuously hot rolled steel plate and strip for wheels of automobiles s590lf and s590lw"; shougang changzhi's "hot rolled h-shaped steel q235b"; and shougang tonggang's "steel pipe l245n for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industry" were rated as "golden cup high-quality products". among them, shougang's "cold rolled oriented steel strip (sheet) 20sqgd070" and shougang jingtang's "cold rolled low-carbon steel plate and strip for enamel dc06ek (stc1)" were rated as "golden cup excellent products".

the "cold rolled oriented electrical steel 20sqgd070" developed and produced by the shougang zhixin qian’an electromagnetic material co., ltd. became the only electrical steel product to win the "golden cup excellent product" in 2022, marking that its performance and quality have reached the leading level in the world. shougang's "cold rolled oriented electrical steel 20sqgd070" is an indispensable soft magnetic functional material for high-efficiency and energy-saving transformers. this high-end product with its excellent quality has advantages such as low iron loss, high magnetic induction and precise shape control. at present, shougang's oriented electrical steel has formed 61 products in six series, including high magnetic induction, refined magnetic domain, low noise, no bottom layer, low excitation and intermediate frequency. many products have been launched for the first time in the world. the application of products has achieved full coverage in the field of ultra-high voltage power transmission, ranking among the first echelon of suppliers for transformer materials in the world. these products are widely used in fields such as "double million" uhv transformers and high-efficiency and energy-saving distribution transformers. shougang is also one of the main suppliers of transformer materials for baihetan hydropower station and wudongde hydropower station.

at present, shougang jingtang owns 30 "golden cup high-quality products" and seven "golden cup excellent products". shougang jingtang's "cold rolled low-carbon steel plate and strip for enamel dc06ek (stc1)" products are mainly used in the market of home appliances such as ovens and toasters, the industrial market of corrugated plates for preheaters and the high-end market of architectural decoration. focusing on subdivided special markets, products are developed and promoted in a high-end and refined mode.

all produced units are the most advanced production devices in the world, with excellent surface quality, dimensional accuracy, finished product shapes, mechanical properties, enamel properties (resistance to scale explosion, pinholing and enamel adhesion) and comprehensive performance. relying on the nine sales branches and 12 processing and distribution centers of the shougang group in china, shougang jingtang has established a working mechanism throughout the whole process "from user to user". shougang research institute of technology, shougang marketing center and shougang jingtang jointly form an integrated service team of "manufacturing service" to carry out "whole process without blind angles" customer service with a product market share of nearly 10%, as well as reaching strategic cooperation agreements with many well-known enterprises.

shougang changzhi’s physical quality system of hot rolled h-shaped steel products is perfect. complete sets of inspection items are included in the control of raw and auxiliary materials, composition control of molten iron and molten steel, quality inspection of cast slabs and inspection of semi-finished and finished products, as well as corresponding inspection devices to provide support. the physical control measures of the products are comprehensive and reasonable, meeting the needs and expectations of users, and laying a foundation for creating a quality and benefit-oriented iron and steel enterprise. shougang changzhi’s section steel products have been applied to key projects and highly praised by users with advanced production technology and equipment, normal production process capability, stable and reliable product quality, and high physical quality level.

shougang tonggang's "steel pipe l245n for pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industry" has been put into mass production since it was successfully researched and developed in 2013, and received unanimous praise from its users at the initial production stage. the products are sold to major oil fields with an annual output of over 15,000 tons. shougang tonggang adheres to the two-wheel drive of technological innovation and intelligent manufacturing, continuously promotes technological innovation and equipment upgrading, effectively improves the quality of its varieties and creates a series of high-quality products with excellent performance and stable quality to meet customer satisfaction and exceed market expectations. eleven of its products have won the national golden cup award for metallurgical products, four have been named excellent quality products in metallurgical industry, and seven have won the title of famous-brand products in jilin province. its hot rolled coils have been certified by eu standards, and its hot rolled equilateral angle steel and hot rolled coil products have been approved by the china classification society. based in northeast china and radiating throughout east china, south china and north china, the products are mainly used in construction, transportation, power construction, water conservancy projects, automobiles, machining, oil exploitation and other fields.

according to the relevant information, the brand cultivation activity of the physical quality of the metallurgical products has been approved and named by the approval committee composed of the china iron and steel association, which is organized once a year. the activity awards the titles of "golden cup high-quality products" and "golden cup excellent products" to high-quality products that reach the physical quality level of similar products in the world. honored as the "oscar" of the metallurgical industry, it is the only evaluation activity to identify the quality of physical products in the steel and iron industry in china, as well as the highest award identifying the physical quality level of steel and iron products in china. in particular, "golden cup excellent products" are the quality benchmarks of the industry, selected on the basis of obtaining "golden cup high-quality products" as the highest honor in the industry.

according to the requirements of "administrative measures for brand cultivation of metallurgical products with physical quality" (g. x. [2019] no. 38) by the china iron and steel association, the 2022 brand cultivation activities of metallurgical products with physical quality went through working procedures including the declaration, preliminary examination, professional certification, publicity and handling objections, and passed the china iron and steel association's "approval committee for brand cultivation of metallurgical products with physical quality". finally, 198 products were approved as "golden cup high-quality products" of which nine were approved and named "golden cup excellent products".

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