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shougang jingtang named “high-quality production enterprise for shipbuilding plates in china 2022–2023”

release time:2023-07-17 13:19:03

recently, at the 2nd annual conference of the medium plate industry chain held in jiangyin, jiangsu, china, shougang jingtang was awarded the honorary title of "high-quality production enterprise for shipbuilding plates in china 2022–2023" by

according to the requirements of the iacs (international association of classification societies), products such as shipbuilding plates and steel for offshore projects must be approved through type tests by the corresponding national classification society before being sold. after the relocation of the medium plate production line to jingtang, all products needed to be recertified. supported by the production, marketing and research platform, shougang jingtang set up a research team. for five consecutive years, the manufacturing department cooperated closely with the technology center, plate division, steel rolling operations, quality inspection and supervision department, shougang marketing center and other units to organize the certification of steel products for ships and offshore projects, and wrote a cumulative total of 6,100 pages of chinese and english certification test syllabi in combination with market demands. at present, 162 product trademarks have been approved by classification societies from nine countries, namely abs, bv, ccs, dnv, kr, lr, nk, rina and rs. the delivery status of the products covers controlled rolling, normalized rolling, normalizing, tmcp and tempering, with the strength level ranging from 235 to 690 mpa, the quality grade from a to f and the thickness of the products from 5 to 130 mm, and a total of 34 products have been approved for thicknesses, achieving a historic breakthrough for shougang.

the combination of high surface quality and low cost is the key to competitive advantages in the market. the research team studied high surface quality process technology in depth and increased the proportion of blue steel in shipbuilding plates to 60%, greatly enhancing the brand image and market competitiveness of shougang jingtang's medium plates. at the same time, the research team successfully solved the technical problems of 100 mm thick -40 °c impact stability control and successfully promoted the tmcp process to replace normalizing process delivery on this basis, which reduced the cost of the normalizing process and shortened the production cycle, while improving the quality of the user's welding, thereby achieving the high efficiency production and manufacturing of shipbuilding plates.

in recent years, jingtang has seized market opportunities and accelerated its product upgrading and structural adjustment. the "production, marketing and research" team have spared no efforts to develop and expand the marketing channels of shipbuilding plates and steel for marine projects, and provide end-users with specialized, personalized and maximized services. the cumulative sales volume of steel for shougang jingtang's medium plates for shipboard and offshore projects has exceeded 1.5 million tons, and the products have been applied to key projects such as "jinghai 001", the largest deep-sea intelligent fish cage in asia, and "tiankun", the largest heavy self-propelled cutter suction dredger in asia.

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