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beijing digital economy experience week & digital consumption festival launches in shougang park

release time:2023-07-17 13:16:22

on the evening of june 18th, the launch ceremony of 2023 beijing digital economy experience week & digital consumption festival, one of the six characteristic activities of the 2023 global digital economy conference, was held in hall 10a of the china international fair for trade in services in shougang park. shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise was also licensed by the beijing information consumption experience center.

themed “digital and versatile, renewal and splendid”, this year’s experience week consisted of concrete practices to implement the construction of a benchmark city of the global digital economy and set up a “beijing model” for china’s digital economy development and a “beijing benchmark” for global digital economy development. moreover, it is another measure to build beijing into an international consumption center city. at the launch ceremony, representatives of the “16 1” districts successively promoted and presented their districts, showing the development vision and achievements of the digital economy in each district in the manner of “number theory”, and issued invitations to global enterprises in the field of the digital economy to land and develop.

digital consumption experience activities included virtual cycling, virtual competition challenges and intelligent fitness equipment experience. digital sports exhibition areas were also set up in communities, scenic spots, commercial districts and other places to showcase the latest digital sports equipment and technological products.

during the experience week, digital science popularization and research activities were also held with the establishment of the digital scene open day. eight characteristic experience routes of science popularization and research, including the sub-center route and haidian route, were planned, covering 25 science and innovation venues and such fields as smart cities and artificial intelligence. at the same time, characteristic themed activities such as the digital economy carnival were also launched in each district in order to enrich offline digital application scenarios, deeply create a sense of immersion in the digital economy for people from all walks of life and stimulate the continuous innovation and development of digital technology.

shougang blast furnace no. 1 soreal metaverse paradise was jointly built by dang hong qi tian and the shougang group. the project is located in shougang park and uses 5g xr technology to give the century-old historical and cultural site a rebirth. after the completion of the project, it will not only be the offline entrance of metaverse immersive science fiction interaction for the whole country, but also the first international culture and technological park in the world that combines xr technology with industrial heritage. the 2023 china science fiction convention kicked off here, and many activities were held here such as the metaverse industry summit and the special forum, expressing the imagination of future science fiction and stimulating the infinite imagination of the metaverse through the unique approach of demonstrating it with the blast furnace and industrial-style light and shadow.

the reporter learned from the launch ceremony that the first china digital concert will be held across the entire network on july 4th. at that time, super a-list digital stars will make their debut on the stage, bringing “new and unique” performances such as physical stage realistic virtual technology and real singer digital person. at the first china digital concert, with new technology, new forms, a new lineup and the combination of virtuality and reality, the audience will open up their imagination and jointly sing the future of the digital economy.

citizens can log on to the official website of the global digital economy conference or the official wechat applet to learn more about the activities and enjoy the charm of the digital economy in beijing together.

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