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shougang city transportation's "smart parking" makes wonderful appearance at industry expo

release time:2023-07-03 10:22:16

recently, the 23rd china international urban parking industry expo was held at the china international exhibition center (chaoyang hall) in beijing. shougang city transportation brought new products and technologies such as the third generation of three-dimensional bus garages, intelligent agv car carriers, double-deck bicycle lifting equipment and so on to the expo, attracting coverage from many media groups such as, beijing daily, beijing radio station and the official account of the mechanical engineering industry.

approaching the booth of shougang city transportation, the documentaries buses driven into the building and new home of buses shot by cctv's “innovation in progress” are played repeatedly on a huge electronic screen. well-arranged around the booth, models of a three-dimensional bus garage, round tower three-dimensional car garage and bicycle lifting equipment are warmly equipped with an auxiliary introduction on an electronic "tablet", while agv carriers perform various cool rotating actions. the simple, open, dynamic and high-tech booth attracts people to stop.

"i watched the documentary buses driven into the building on cctv-10, and i thought your team was really challenged. i’m very happy to see the model and demonstration of the bus parking building here today, and i feel that this team is amazing!" a visitor from fengtai raved. "i used this simple and practical bicycle lifting frame in changping, and i think it’s very easy to use!" a visitor living in changping praised.

how does the bus enter the building for "cloud" parking? how does the car move from the round tower three-dimensional garage? how is the self-service lift used to realize the double-deck parking of bicycles? what technologies are used to move and rotate the agv carrier freely at 360 degrees? from "really strange" to "solving doubts", the exhibition hall of shougang city transportation is crowded with visitors and has become one of the hot spots of industry exhibitions. during the exhibition, more than ten visiting delegations, including the housing and construction department of the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, beijing static traffic association and beijing dongcheng district municipal construction visited the booth and spoke highly of the products.

as a leading enterprise in the field of static transportation with experience in the r&d and manufacturing of three generations of three-dimensional bus garages, shougang city transportation will take this exhibition as an opportunity to continue to deepen the field of static transportation, strive to stride towards the goal of joining the first-class technology enterprises in the domestic parking industry, push hard to become a national "little giant" enterprise and strive to be one of the most valuable enterprises for the development of the group.

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