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shougang park attracts attention with unique high-quality industrial development environment

release time:2023-06-19 10:01:48

"tomorrow, the 2023 china science fiction convention will be grandly opened in shougang park! we sincerely invite all sectors of society and media friends to pay attention to this grand event. shougang will do a solid job in ensuring all services, strive to present a unique and fruitful event to the world, and make new and greater contributions to stimulating the transformation and development of surrounding western beijing and the construction of the 'four centers' in beijing!"

on may 28th, at the 2nd press conference of the 2023 china science fiction convention, liang jie, member of the standing committee of the party committee and deputy general manager of the shougang group, introduced the unique and high-quality industrial development environment of shougang park in terms of the site’s characteristics, carriers, service facilities and industrial ecosystem, and answered a reporter's question on "measures of shougang park for promoting the landing and development of enterprises".

in recent years, the china science fiction convention and other major events have been successively held in shougang park, forming a great "magnet effect" on resource gathering, industrial development and brand building in the park. during the preparation process, shougang park constantly improved its various supporting facilities and enterprise services, and built park carriers and service facilities with high standards to provide hardware and service guarantees for the high-quality development of the science fiction industry; continuously improved the industrial ecosystem and promoted and gathered integrated resources and industrial services; accelerated the construction of an urban industrial community which is oriented towards the future, young people and internationalization; and continued to polish the "golden business card" of the china science fiction convention.

by virtue of the china science fiction convention becoming a national platform, more and more high-level talents and innovative and entrepreneurial teams have poured into this dynamic hot land. shougang park, as a "city of science fiction", is the first gathering area of the science fiction industry in china, showing many bright advantages in promoting the landing and development of enterprises.

- unleashing the combined advantages of the "four-level" policies to help enterprises achieve long-term stability in new fields.

- giving full play to its endowment advantages and providing extensible carrier space for various enterprises and international elements.

- an industrial ecology of cross-border integration and mutual empowerment of emerging industries and business forms has already taken shape, and a number of application demonstration scenarios such as science fiction, internet 3.0 and artificial intelligence have been put into use. the urban industrial community with the cross-border integration of "eating, living, traveling, shopping, entertainment, production, education and research" is accelerating its formation, with form agglomeration and rich formats, providing greater convenience for mutual empowerment among emerging industries.

- presenting the advantages of the industry ecology, we are accelerating the construction of an industrial service system featuring a "main body with four wings and six dimensions" and accelerating the construction of an international talent community.

shougang park is leveraging its own development advantages to accelerate the construction of a new landmark of “together for a shared future” for the renaissance of the city. this new landmark will implement the strategic positioning of the capital and promote the high-quality development of the region; serve the construction of the "two districts" in beijing and enhance the vitality of regional development; give full play to the advantages of the “dual olympic city” and the sustainable use of industrial heritage and winter olympic heritage; create a vitality space and hot land which is oriented toward the future, young people and internationalization; and infuse humanistic charm in which mountains and water can be seen and the feelings of shougang can be remembered.

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