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beijing shougang wins trumpchi's "mutual support" award

release time:2023-05-29 10:00:16

recently, trumpchi's 2023 supply chain partner conference was held in guangzhou province. beijing shougang co., ltd. ("beijing shougang") was highly recognized by trumpchi and won the "mutual support award" by virtue of its comprehensive strength in quality, costs, delivery, r&d and service, as well as its outstanding contributions to increasing production and ensuring the supply during the covid-19 pandemic. this award is the first supplier award that beijing shougang has received from trumpchi.

beijing shougang and trumpchi started cooperation in 2016. over the years, beijing shougang has always adhered to the concept of "manufacturing service", and created the best quality strategies to meet customer requirements, with the two sides establishing a stable partnership. in 2022, beijing shougang’s supply increased rapidly to cover all of trumpchi's bases, new cars and varieties of outer panels.

trumpchi adheres to the concept of meticulous management and strictly controls the quality of every part. in order to meet the high requirements of its customers, shougang's production, marketing and research team investigated and tracked every brand and part throughout its whole life cycle. the team communicated with the customer's technical and manufacturing personnel as soon as a vehicle model was confirmed, learned the use habits and quality standards of products and parts at the site, and tracked the debugging of parts throughout the whole process to ensure the smooth mass production of each part. the business personnel paid constant attention to the customer's production progress and made inventory reserves according to the production plan to ensure the adequate supply of materials.

special personnel were assigned to track the production progress and deliver materials to trumpchi's hangzhou base within seven days despite the impact of the epidemic. the logistics resources of all parties were used to open a green channel for transporting materials to trumpchi's yichang base for 12 consecutive days... after receiving the customer's out-of-stock warning, shougang's service team responded quickly and undertook emergency dispatch, which played a key role in ensuring the customer's production and supply, and meeting its urgent needs.

this honor represents trumpchi's full affirmation of beijing shougang's comprehensive strength in "manufacturing service". beijing shougang will live up to this trust, shoulder all tasks, adhere to the "customer-centered" concept and continue to promote the effective improvement of lean product manufacturing and precision service response to help customers walk steadily for greater distances. 

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