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ciftis landscape design wins chsla second prize for planning and design

release time:2023-02-27 15:16:31

recently, the evaluation results of the 2022 chsla science and technology awards was announced, and the 2021 ciftis landscape design project declared by the shougang engineering company won the second prize for planning and design. the evaluation was organized by the chinese society of landscape architecture (chsla), the top academic institution in the landscape architecture industry in china. this award is of great significance, marking that the shougang engineering company has achieved a breakthrough from scratch in winning an award from the top society in the landscape architecture industry.

the china beijing international fair for trade in services 2021 (ciftis 2021) was held in the national convention center and shougang park from september 2nd to 7th. shougang park is a new venue for ciftis 2021, which has attracted widespread attention by virtue of its unique new exhibition space pattern and garden-like environmental landscape. with unique design creativity, ciftis deeply integrates "industrial culture, olympic culture and exhibition culture". the new exhibition hall is international in its design concepts; draws lessons from such characteristic exhibition modes as greenwich town and davos town; gives full play to the distinctive venue characteristics of shougang park; conforms to international trends; creates a settlement-style exhibition place; forms a landscape structure of "one axis, four corridors and multiple points" with the olympic venues, industrial relics and surrounding landscapes; and creates a unique new exhibition space pattern. by providing diversified environments and services such as open green spaces, urban show fields, flexible squares and shared spaces, it highlights a cultural exchange atmosphere suitable for the laws of service trade and shapes the unique brand of ciftis.

the centralized area of the venue makes full use of industrial relics by coexisting harmoniously with them, endowing them with new functions and exploiting the many industrial buildings and structures such as the original tool workshop, repair workshop and pump house to carry out structural reinforcement and indoor renovation, thereby becoming supporting service facilities such as conference rooms, vip rooms, restaurants and office buildings. now, the industrial relics are organically integrated with service trade culture to enhance visitors' sense of travel, allowing them to experience the continuation of the industrial style and historical context in an immersive exhibition space, and highlighting the unique charm of people-orientation and historical context. according to the principle of repeated, comprehensive and lasting utilization, the main body of the exhibition hall of shougang park adopts a steel structure design which can realize the later recycling of materials. the open exhibition hall adopts a prefabricated tensioned membrane structure to avoid changing the original ground. the membrane structure roof makes full use of natural lighting, minimizes energy demand and provides a service space for exhibitions, letting the concepts of low carbon, environmental protection and natural harmony run through the whole space continuously.

as the largest industrial heritage building cluster on the north-south central axis of shougang industrial park, the landscape design integrates rich industrial heritage features with modern exhibitions, creates a settlement-style exhibition space with strong park attributes and forms a stylistic and functional complementarity with the surroundings such as the landscape sightseeing environment, ancient city pattern, completed olympic venues, big air shougang and love reading art bookstore.

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