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a new place for catering and leisure in shougang park first “lionk gastropub” opens in shougang park

release time:2022-12-12 13:36:23

in the cool autumn breeze, visitors flooded into shougang park. recently, the attention of visitors has been attracted by the eye-catching logo at the entrance of “lionk gastropub”, which is close to the ice hockey hall in shougang park. attractive food and drink billboards show the gastropub’s features to the public. the first “lionk gastropub”, jointly founded by shougang fund vstartup, yanjing beer and yinpai culture, has opened in shougang park.

shougang fund vstartup is the leading service provider of the whole ecological chain industry in china. it has a professional design, renovation, operation and management team which carries out gastropub site selection and engineering construction. this time, it cooperated with two major enterprises, yanjing beer and yinpai culture, to create the most fashionable social space and craft beer experience venue for young people. “lionk gastropub” will be the orthodox “land of beijing lions”, inject the spirit of the times into traditional culture, and become a city card of new beijing as an international consumption center.

with a land area of nearly 600 m2, “lionk gastropub” adopts the main idea of “a modern frame, natural exterior and asian soul” in its design, creating a diversified social living space of mutual inspiration and interaction. the overall decoration style is bright, spacious, modern, luxurious and light industrial. the gastropub can accommodate more than 130 people at any one time for meals and nearly 200 for events. the perfect combination of “social space exquisite western food craft culture trendy music” can satisfy the experience needs of socializing friends, business banquets, quiet drinks and so on. with a younger and more fashionable brand image, lionk will bring more freedom and joy, enabling consumers to experience the diversity and creativity of beijing’s craft beer culture.

as the remains of the century-old steel industry, shougang park is striving to create a new landmark of the rejuvenation of the capital city in the new era. during the beijing winter olympics, big air shougang quickly gained fame both at home and abroad, becoming a popular must-visit place. in the post-winter olympics era, shougang park continues to push forward renovation and renewal, and industrial carriers are accelerating their release. the science fiction industry, metaverse, icvs, etc. have all become “new business cards” of shougang’s industrial renovation. industrial office buildings have been completed, and some office tenants have entered the site for renovation. meanwhile, shougang park is actively building a global launch center and first store commercial block, stimulating experiential new consumption and new formats with the first launches, first shows and first exhibitions, and giving priority support to brands’ first stores in the new shougang park.


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