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a look at the “new” green of an “old” mine ——record of the ecological restoration and governance work of dashi river iron mine in 2022

release time:2022-12-02 13:34:04

since the beginning of this year, dashi river iron mine has actively carried out the comprehensive improvement of peizhuang area through reclamation and greening, and remarkable results have been achieved in the ecological restoration of the factory area: the plants are flourishing, the building materials production area is clean and tidy, sand and gravel aggregate production is progressing in an orderly manner, and the new production line is full of enthusiasm and vitality, with improved production efficiency and quality.

in recent years, the mining company party committee has thoroughly implemented the development concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, continuously promoted ecological restoration and environmental governance in peizhuang area of dashi river iron mine, and completed ecological governance projects such as land reclamation in the dry tailings discharge area, ground hardening and greening in the building materials factory area, reclamation of the dump area, etc. with the re-greening of the mines and the revival of the grasslands, peizhuang area has steadily transformed into a green ecological mine with blue skies, lucid water and refreshed vitality. the regional ecology continues to improve, man and nature live together more harmoniously, and the comprehensive resource utilization industry has steadily entered the fast lane of high-quality development. practice has fully proven that “if we do not fail nature, nature shall never fail us”.

scientific coordination of comprehensive governance

dashi river iron mine has defined the general thinking of ecological restoration, namely “prevention and control at the source, process blockage, end treatment and risk precaution”. since 2022, projects such as mine reclamation and greening, ground hardening and beautification, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction have progressed in an all-round way.

actively promoting land reclamation: dashi river iron mine has organized acceptance surveys on the south side of peizhuang east soil line, dry tailings discharge area and plant topography, and clarified the treatment standards, backfilling thickness, cutting range and other work details by site survey. by strengthening its organization, it has completed the leveling of 240 mu of land at the southern end of peizhuang east dump and the leveling and covering of 32 mu of land in the tailings area.

organizing the hardening and beautification of the factory area: the mine has promoted the comprehensive treatment of slope surfaces and roads in the production area, completed the hardening and greening of the east and west slope surfaces of the material shed, and west slopes of the fine crusher factory buildings, and built a sales highway on the south side of the factory. the production environment in the building materials production line factory has been further beautified.

enhancing environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction: the mine has actively promoted the belt and waist wheel closure project of the production line, water cleaning, sedimentation tank construction and other projects. it has also formed overall planning for the drainage ditch of the factory in order to achieve interconnectivity and ensure that accumulated water can be discharged in time.

factory hardening in a clean and tidy manner

with the strong support of the mining company, the roads, slope surfaces and production areas in the factory have been reconstructed and hardened, with a total of more than 10 km of hardened roads and over 30,000 m2 of hardened areas. dashi river iron mine has insisted on irregular spraying for dust reduction and road cleaning with at least two sprinklers every day, and problems such as potholes in the roads have been completely solved. "after the roads in the factory were hardened, the regional production environment became clean and tidy at once. in particular, after the greening of the slope surfaces of the factory, the mining company party committee organized the planting of green plants such as chinese roses. now peizhuang has a production line with blue skies, clean roads and fresh air. we feel like we’re in a garden-style factory, and it helps us to work more comfortably," said one of the employees in the workshop.

tall grass and nightingales in the air

“green mine construction brings prosperity and prevents backwardness.” the dashi river iron mine party committee firmly believes that “green” should be the base color of the high-quality development of mines. in the ecological restoration and governance projects in peizhuang area, the mine adhered to the principles of “mining, governance and greening at the same time”, and by combining the annual production tasks and actual production line, dashi river iron mine realized the synchronous design, simultaneous advancement and coordination, and mutual promotion of ecological restoration, environmental governance, energy conservation and emission reduction. soil was scarce around the barren mining area, so that “planting grass in a land of sand and gravel” would have only been in vain. to this end, the mine implemented the greening of more than 30 mu of land in the dry tailings discharge area, planned 20,000 m2 of afforestation and planting in the factory, planted over 13,000 mushrooms grown using grass, over 30,000 robinia pseudoacacia, over 7,000 chinese roses and over 80,000 sunflowers in total, and achieved the re-greening of the reclamation area through covering for planting, dispersing grass seeds and other methods.

by adhering to the concept of “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”, we will protect the gifts of nature around mines. the mining company will always keep the social responsibilities of a state-owned enterprise in mind, continue to promote ecological restoration and governance projects related to mines, continuously improve the ecological environment, enhance ecosystem functions, take a new high-quality development route by changing mines into lush mountains and making profits while giving consideration to ecology, and take more concrete steps in boosting green mine construction, thereby ultimately making the sky bluer, the mountains greener, the water clearer and the environment more beautiful, while making new and greater contributions to ecological restoration and governance for the mining company.


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