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making careful arrangements, ensuring implementation and guaranteeing services

release time:2022-09-02 14:38:24

the 2022 china international fair for trade in services (ciftis) will be held at the national convention center and shougang park from august 31st to september 5th. shougang park will host special exhibitions, forums, conferences and side events. as 2022 ciftis approaches, the shougang group party committee attaches great importance to it and has specially formulated the 2022 ciftis comprehensive service guarantee scheme.

- showing shougang volunteer blue

in 2022, 55 young shougang volunteers were recruited. “supervising volunteers” are mostly youth league cadres and young grassroots backbones who mainly assist in job training, group scheduling, daily management, job inspection, publicity and recording, volunteer guarantee, etc. “reception volunteers” are largely responsible for engaging and communicating with guests. “guiding volunteers” are largely responsible for supplementing volunteers at key points such as important intersections and landmark buildings in shougang park, and providing voluntary services such as road guidance, information consultation and emergency assistance.

- shougang park starts the traffic guarantee mode

in order to ensure the security and traffic guarantee of ciftis, the group established a traffic guarantee group. the park management department, shougang construction investment co., ltd., beijing shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd., shougang fund and other units jointly organized and implemented the traffic guarantee work within the scope of the ciftis work, and studied and solved major traffic guarantee problems.

there are four working groups under the traffic guarantee group, namely the traffic guarantee groups of shougang construction investment, shougang park comprehensive service, shougang fund (chang’an mills), as well as organization, coordination and park management department respectively. each unit will formulate its own traffic guarantee plan and organize its implementation in accordance with the assigned area and actual work.

meanwhile, according to the work requirements of the ciftis executive committee and shougang comprehensive service guarantee headquarters, the park management department specially formulated an environmental quality guarantee plan according to the actual situation to ensure environmental quality during ciftis.

the park management department has set up a leading group for environmental quality assurance which is responsible for organizing and implementing the decisions, arrangements and work requirements of the ciftis executive committee and shougang comprehensive service assurance headquarters, formulating and perfecting the work plan, establishing an overall scheduling mechanism, organizing and coordinating on the resolution of environmental quality problems, and guiding emergency environmental quality management.

environmental quality assurance is an important task. according to the environmental quality assurance plan of ciftis, the park management department fully implemented environmental pollution and control management; coordinated and mobilized all units to deal with pollution control-related work, fulfilled its comprehensive coordination duties and played the role of an operation hub; inspected the implementation of each unit, urged the rectification of the problems found in the inspections and strengthened environmental self-inspection; strictly controlled pollutant discharge, construction dust pollution, muck transport vehicles and noise pollution, and strengthened the environmental protection management of various vehicles; and made plans and took corresponding measures according to the air pollution warnings of government departments.

- all preparations made by shougang park comprehensive service co., ltd.

according to the needs of the ciftis organizers and the work arrangements of shougang and shougang construction investment, the service assurance leading group of shougang park comprehensive service organized and carried out various tasks. it also set up 12 working groups including the on-site guarantee group, comprehensive service guarantee group, power and energy guarantee group, catering guarantee group and conference guarantee group. more than 1,400 persons were guaranteed during ciftis.

from the on-site guarantee (within the red line) to the basic property, equipment and facilities guarantee (outside the red line), and from the organizational guarantee (property) and facilities guarantee of each venue to the public area guarantee, power supply and energy guarantee, water supply guarantee, catering guarantee, etc., shougang park comprehensive service assumed the role of a “service housekeeper”, with every detail and responsibility assigned to a specific person.

- ensuring that the communication network is smooth and foolproof

there are 428 cameras, 331 broadcast speakers, 208 wireless aps, 257 onu devices and 20 switches on site. the guarantee team of beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd. has comprehensively sorted out all the equipment at ciftis to guarantee that it is foolproof.

to ensure the high-standard completion of the ciftis guarantee, beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd. set up a special operation guarantee team of 115 people with its main leaders as the team leaders, as well as eight guarantee groups, namely the operation and phone signal guarantee group, network transmission guarantee group, public address system guarantee group, voice communication guarantee group, conference room guarantee group, network security guarantee group, security monitoring guarantee group and exhibition hall guarantee group.

this guarantee team inspected the integrity and functions of network links such as security, public broadcasting and network transmission at ciftis so as to provide data support for temporary link construction during the event; sorted out and debugged the public broadcasting equipment in the public areas, exhibition halls and conference rooms to ensure the normal operation of the broadcasting system; checked the security monitoring system to ensure that it is in good condition; confirmed the functions of the equipment in the exhibition hall and promptly dealt with problems to ensure the integrity of the equipment before ciftis; and coordinated the equipment in the meeting room to ensure stable and normal operation during ciftis.

in terms of the phone signal guarantee, beijing shougang automation information technology co., ltd. took the lead in contacting the communications administration and organizing three major operators, namely china mobile, china telecom and china unicom, to conduct phone signal tests in all ciftis venues, conference rooms and functional buildings. according to the operators’ test report, combined with the actual status of phone signals in 2021, two groups of emergency communication support vehicles were adopted under the coordination of the major insurance department of the communications administration, and a temporary remote base station was built to ensure the capacity increase of the three original base stations.

- ciftis venue groups with shougang characteristics, 15 exhibition venues and 15 conference rooms with industrial characteristics, deeply integrating modern exhibition, industrial features and natural landscapes, and forming a unique landscape structure of “one axis, four corridors and many spots”.

- a circular municipal road network has been formed here, with fushi road in the north and the west extension line of chang’an avenue in the south. parking lots have been added around shougang park. during ciftis, jin’anqiao station and new shougang station of metro line 11 will be equipped with car ferries to arrive at the north-south landing halls.

- the green area here covers about 117.1 hectares, forming more than 30 industrial landscapes. there will be five hotels and nearly 50 restaurants in the park, capable of serving 13,000 people at the same time.

for this ciftis, shougang insisted on the “three unchanged”, namely “the unchanged determination to run ciftis well”, “the unchanged mode of characteristic exhibition” and “the unchanged concept of an open-ended ciftis”. it also showed the new characteristics of “three superiors”, namely “superior venues”, “superior functions” and “superior experience”. to this end, shougang seized the “bonus” of being post-winter olympics before holding ciftis, and organically combined ciftis with its post-winter olympics transformation, utilization and maximization, development and construction of the park, and gathering and development of new industries, new formats, new scenes and new models, making every effort to promote the higher quality development of shougang park.

compared with last year, the biggest change in shougang park this year is that it has experienced the baptism of the beijing winter olympics, when century-old shougang seized the olympic opportunity to realize its magnificent rebirth. the “cultural business district” of shougang park has gradually taken shape, with more shopping malls, restaurants, gymnasiums, art galleries, bookstores, etc., and the “night economy” has opened up a fresh way to release new vitality. big air shougang, blast furnace no. 3, qunming lake, coke ovens, silos and other industrial remains have made frequent appearances on camera. today, shougang park is not only a “blessed land” of victory in the winter olympics, but also a “golden park” of diversified development and the gathering of elements. shougang is releasing its new momentum and vitality by holding major events.

at present, the countdown to the coming ciftis has begun. by establishing a professional operation and service team, shougang has comprehensively built the 2.0 upgraded version of its ciftis field services to welcome all guests with higher quality services.

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