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shougang jingtang supplies materials for baigouhe grand bridge in xiong’an new area

release time:2022-04-21 08:40:17

baigouhe grand bridge in xiong’an new area is about to open to traffic, and it is set to shoulder the responsibility to connect downtown beijing with xiong’an new area. this project used more than 30,000 tons of shougang jingtang’s medium-heavy plate steel. following the xiong’an citizen service center and xiong’an high-speed railway station, jingtang’s products have appeared in key projects of xiong’an new area for the third time.

baigouhe grand bridge in xiong’an new area has a length of 1.76 km. the main bridge is modeled after the 17-arch bridge in the summer palace, and it will be the largest steel-box multiple-tied-arch bridge in china. the beautiful baigouhe grand bridge posed great challenges in its construction period such as high difficulty and risk. the bridge steel from shougang features heavy thickness, high strength and excellent low-temperature toughness and weldability, enabling it to be widely used in all kinds of harsh low-temperature environments. it is advantages such as these that attract customers to consider shougang products first. this project had a tight schedule and heavy workload, requiring a timely delivery cycle and high-quality steel plate raw materials. the q345qe bridge steel which was used has a maximum thickness of 90 mm, maximum width of 4,000 mm and steel plate flatness of ≤ 3 mm/m. it also meets the requirements for -40℃ impact performance, low-temperature impact energy of ≥ 120 joules and section shrinkage rate of ≥ 25%. meanwhile, the thickness had to meet the z-direction property, and the flaw detection of all steel plates had to be level ii or above.

to meet the needs of the customer, jingtang’s steel plate business division made plans in advance with the stock marketing center, manufacturing department, sales department, etc. early intervention in the planning and design of the bridge was conducted to realize further coordination with nantong zhenhua heavy equipment manufacturing co., ltd., ensuring that the material solution was provided in time and the customer’s approval was assured. as for the later implementation and contractual delivery, the whole service process was prepared, and the final product quality and delivery cycle eventually met the customer’s needs.

jingtang’s steel plate business division focuses on continuously improving its product quality and developing high-end products for major projects. for key projects, special personnel will be arranged to follow up on the whole process of contract bidding, production and delivery. meanwhile, a technical, quality, production and sales assurance team will be formed to ensure product quality, satisfactory contractual delivery and the customer’s high usage standards. to guarantee the safety index of the bridge’s steel structure, the process technicians repeatedly studied the influence rules of different technological parameters and microstructures on the flexural strength ratio, designed a new component system and developed flexural strength ratio control technology for soft textures, thereby realizing the stable control of the index and guaranteeing the high quality of the delivered products.

in recent years, jingtang’s bridge steel has become well-known at home and abroad, among which its super-thick bridge steel with high toughness and excellent weldability accounts for 90% of china’s extra-thick bridge plate market. jingtang will continue to provide high-quality steel products and services for the construction of xiong’an new area, and contribute to the coordinated development of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region with “shougang strength”.

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