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shougang unveils zhang fuming expert workstation

release time:2022-04-13 09:32:54

in order to comprehensively enhance its scientific and technological innovation capability, and maintain its leading advantage in technology, shougang has built and unveiled the “zhang fuming expert workstation” supported by scientific and technological innovation and talent guidance. on february 24th, the expert workstation was unveiled and put into operation.

currently serving as deputy chief engineer of the shougang group, zhang fuming has long been engaged in the r&d of metallurgical material engineering and the innovation of technical equipment, and is committed to innovative research in the basic theory of metallurgical engineering design and technology in modern iron and steel plants. as one of the main leaders in the field of metallurgical engineering research and design in china, he has a profound theoretical foundation, academic attainments and practical experience. he has won more than 40 state-level, provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, and holds 85 authorized patents including 42 invention patents; and he has published ten academic works such as longevity technology of modern blast furnace and more than 280 academic papers, of which 45 have been included in sci and ei journals. the establishment of the “zhang fuming expert workstation” is an important measure for promoting the optimization of pre-iron process technology in shougang, and it has great strategic significance in further accelerating the reserve of professional and technical talents in the ironmaking system of the joint-stock company; breaking through the bottleneck problems encountered in such aspects as the production, technology and green manufacturing of the pre-iron process; comprehensively improving quality, enhancing efficiency and reducing cost; and promoting the high-quality development of the ironmaking operation department in the joint-stock company.

shougang has always insisted on extreme low-cost operation. the stable production of blast furnaces and the continuous reduction of the cost of iron should be supported by scientific and technological innovation and talent guidance. greater challenges and higher requirements for the ironmaking process have been brought by the change from the national “double control” policy in energy consumption to the “double control” policy of total carbon emissions and intensity, as well as customer requirements for lower energy consumption and carbon emissions. as such, the “zhang fuming expert workstation” has been established at just the right moment.

shougang fully supports and guarantees the operation of the expert workstation, and the relevant departments and offices fully support its work and provide it with software and hardware guarantees. it is necessary to refine the research tasks and confirm the research objectives. the ironmaking operation department and qianshun technology center should fully connect with the workstation, systematically solve the major technological problems that plague the production line, such as sintering efficiency improvement, blast furnace consumption reduction and whole process carbon reduction, cooperate effectively, refine the research tasks, clarify the division of responsibilities, quantify the research objectives and implement the work to achieve actual effects. it is necessary to speed up talent training and realize the growth of talents. the level of workstation members can be improved through instruction, assistance, guidance and the solving of practical problems, allowing them to become the talents required for shougang’s high-quality development.

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